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Downriver 2023 - Pepper Time

Like others, I debated on having a Glog this year, but figured “what the heck”. It's been fun in past years, so let's give it a go.

Hopefully we'll end up posting pictures like this later in the Season! 🤞

Peppers IMG_20220910_153327947_HDR.jpg


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Well, selection is done and seeds are in the dirt! Again this year, I'm cutting back on varieties. We've still got a backlog of pepper products, so I'm gonna go lightly this year, across the board.

Everything finished hitting the dirt on 3/05. the players this year are:

Pepper starts.png

And as is my modus operandi, I'm not gonna post pics of a tray full of dirt. I think y'all have seen that before. Hopefully more to come pretty soon. Stay tuned.