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Downriver 2023 - Pepper Time

Like others, I debated on having a Glog this year, but figured “what the heck”. It's been fun in past years, so let's give it a go.

Hopefully we'll end up posting pictures like this later in the Season! 🤞

Peppers IMG_20220910_153327947_HDR.jpg


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So, I didn't make one post here during October. That's because I was too busy picking and processing pods! So, let's take a look.

Group harvest pics. I'll try my best to say what's what.:shocked:

Clockwise, starting at the white cup: 7 Pot Savannah, 7Pot Savannah, SBS Demon Habanero, Bhut Jolokia Yellow x Paper Lantern Habanero - Orange F4, SBS Chocolate Habanero NOT, SBS Chocolate Habanero NOT
Peppers - Harvest IMG_20231010_160450836.jpg

In the center: Paper Lantern Habanero
From top left, clockwise: Serrano, Wincaf Orange & Wincaf Red, Prairie Spice, misc tomatoes, Giant Jalapeño & Mutijala jalapeño
Peppers - Harvest IMG_20231010_160454908.jpg

In the center: misc Jalapeños, Ghostly Jalapeño Orange
From top, clockwise: Purple Thunder Mystery, Serrano & two tomatillos, Shishito (far right), Prairie Spice & misc tomatoes, butternut squash, XL Antep Aci Dolma, Prairie Spice (far left), Ghostly Jalapeno Red, Bhut Jolokia Yellow x Paper Lantern Habanero - Yellow F4
Peppers - Harvest IMG_20231030_152935899.jpg

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...and some more

Top to bottom: Bhut Jolokia Yellow x Paper Lantern Habanero - Yellow F4, Purple Thunder Mystery, Lemon Dropkick
Peppers - Harvest IMG_20231005_171659076.jpg

Top to bottom: Super Chili (in bag), Prairiee Spice, XL Antep Aci Dolma, a couple tomatillos, Ghostly Jalapeño Red, Torres Catywampus de Arbol (in bag), Ghostly Jalapeno Orange
Peppers - Harvest IMG_20231005_171704875.jpg

That's to the best of my recollection, lol.


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SBS Ornamental
Pepper - SBS Ornamental IMG_20231010_153234949.jpg Pepper - SBS Ornamental IMG_20231010_153629375.jpg

FL Bell, Yellow & Red - These seeds came from grocery store bells. This is the F3 or F4 generation. Still staying true...
Pepper - FL Bells IMG_20231002_151347307.jpg Pepper - FL Bell Yellow IMG_20231002_151406156.jpg
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Lemon Dropkick
Pepper - Lemon Dropkick IMG_20231104_180406651.jpg

And to close out this update, here are some peppers that got roasted/smoked. On the left, Prairie Spice (for fajitas), and on the right, Paper Lantern Habanero, for some sauce making. Yum.
Food - Roasted Prairie Spice IMG_20230928_184433241.jpg Food - Roasted Peppers IMG_20231010_184137312.jpg


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Firing on all cylinders, DR! Those all look great.
The Purple Thunder Mystery red Dr look like a
repeat performance,


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The Ghostly Jalapeno Red is a wild looking pepper. Is it delicious?

It's.....ok, lol. Has some heat, thin-walled. I decided to dry it and make flakes/powder. Probably use it as a "hot" cayenne type. And I agree, it does look wild, lol.

It's interesting that the Orange variety doesn't really look like the Red. It's kinda fruity and is hotter.