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Druknft on Monday.

Gee thanks for passing out SCOVIE!
Who's got a Sharpie?

Hogleg and I are planning a birthday BLOWOUT here. I just have to get CJ on board. We have 40 acres on the river, so camping will be plentiful. If I promise her that the house will remain locked, and there won't be any dishes to do, she'll suck it up. Live music, tons of burnt food, BYOB, except we'll probably have a couple kegs of local brew. Swimsuits optional.

SavinaRed said:
I might have to host an event for THP pepperheads at my house next summer/fall. A BBQ, firepit going, good food, good music, good people and a good time where you can crash here if necessary. You guys would be a riot to hang with lol....................
PS- I'll have my pizza oven done by then in my yard. :)
I will seriously be there if it's not June 3rd. In which case you are officially invited here. (See above) lol
DRunK Ahnn Sun-daiii whaaaaaaaaa???!??!?????
I want to use mah chipppp in hurrrr ...

Hurrss myyy chippppzzszzzz, ma'an ...

Wanttttt mah hCH1PS? ...........