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annuum Er jing tiao

Wow! They got there so quickly! I sent those late Saturday.

Hang on @Grass Snake and @Tinkerbelle! I just had a word with the postal service...

He finally made it here with my seeds. Poor mailman was out of breath and apologized for the delay. He told me he was slowed down by the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains. I'm just glad to be a part of the Er jing tiao club now. Thanks CD!

Any chance you ended up with some extras or someone didn't follow though? I'm just now setup to start my growing journey here in DFW.
I'd love to grow these out and use them in my Wok stir fries.
Just discovered this thread. I noticed that a lot of people were having dificulty finding er jing tiao seeds. I've had great success (75% germination rate) with dried chao tian jiao that I bought from a Chinese grocery store. I just bought some er jing tiao from a Chinese e-grocer and hope to have similar results. I love how this thread has blown up, caused me to make an account here. And props to CaneDog for being so kind.
Last winter I decided I wanted to try and grow Er Jing Tiao. I ended up getting seeds from organicseeds which is based out of Ukraine. My January 2023 order showed up in a few weeks. Not sure how they've faired given the circumstances. I wanted to share my seed source as it worked out for me and was very reasonably priced.

Now to dry, harvest seeds, pound to flakes, and make chili oil.

For a great video centered on harvesting and using these chiles checkout Dianxi Xiaoge on youtube.