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annuum Er jing tiao

Just a quick update that I've harvested isolated seeds from the 2 smaller EJT plants I grew indoors this off-season. For anyone who attempted to grow EJT in this thread - I'm looking at you @Siv , @Sinn , and @Grass Snake - if you want some seeds, let me know.

I'm also happy to share with others who posted in this thread and would like some seeds, subject to stock-in-hand. International is fine as long as shipping is relatively simple - typically, I send them regular mail with a global forever stamp. Just let me know.

I'll try to keep this offer open for a while, but I have a limited amount of seeds from this first batch and they'll go only so far.
May I have a few, please? :]
May I have a few, please? :]
Sure, @nune. I'm happy to send you some. :) DM me your deet's.

My stocks are getting low, so from now on I'll have to waitlist requests from people who haven't participated in the thread until those that did have had a reasonable opportunity to respond, let's say by EOD Wednesday.

I'm happy to share what seeds I have, I just don't have all that many from those pods and want to be able to accommodate those who've previously shown an interest or put in effort.
Thank you so much for the extra seeds as well!!!