seed-train European Seed train...

I can see the package is in The Netherlands. Has someone new come aboard the train between Baekseju and me or have they just stopped for some coal and water?
From my experience, it's usually the transit point between France and Scandinavia (and countries bordering Scandinavia). If it's in the Netherlands now, I guess it should be delivered to you tomorrow or the day after. I'll bet on tomorrow 🤣
wow, that train has really grown since last I saw it.

I don't quite think it'll be back on track tomorrow :P
Let's wait week or so. If nobody new shows up, we can close the loop.

1) SineNomine (Romania)
2) Tinkerbelle099 (France)
3) Baekseju (France)
4) Nulle (Denmark)

5) Luckyluke (Czech republic)
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