auction Exotic Lfrb auction SOLD

Ok.. Like said my phone is broken and the back button don't work so I can't get to photobucket to post a pic.. I can show you on fb though if you'd like to see. Anyway opening bid is 50 dollars and this box is amazing...

All contents are decided by sfrb and if you've seen any of my pics or had my pods you know this is the real deal.

Anyway box contains full sfrbs of the following.

Borg 9
Bleeding Borg 9
Chocolate borg9
Kraken f1
Srtsl x bbg (needing caylx)
Boc x reaper f1
Boc x orange Primo f1
Chocolate bbg

Auction will go until 12 noon CST tomorrow August 3rd.. US and PayPal only.

Good luck to all and pods will be mailed soon as I receive payment. I work second shift so will mail them tomorrow before work and will send tracking.

Mike Hess
smileyguy697 said:
Hey Tony, you can vouch for quality and saw the pics I posted on fb today right?
Yep I can vouch. Some truly amazing looking pods Mike! Fan freaking tastic
A couple of pics Mike posted to FB. The pods up for auction came from this amazing haul.



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Mike grows and ships beautiful peppers!  The winner of this will be very pleased.