Flat top griddles

Yeah, not different enough from the baking steel lid i used to matter to me, but a better option than the baking steel lid for anyone who was considering the baking steel for this purpose, I think ...

Once you (guys?) post a critical mass of dope grub, I'll probably buy one ...
Ok, I just made a turkey sandwich using the cheese as my bread something like what that guy did in the video and gotta say, that was some really good stuff there! Other half though I lost my mind.  I can see combining the hamburger and bacon will seriously make that a heart attack burger! I can feel the zits already starting to form just from the amount of oil that drains outta the cheese. But, still it was good! :drooling:
TB, post up some more flattop goodness! Pick a forum, any forum. Steak, taco, breakfast............................ veggie lol. Come on man! More!!!!
TB bait ...

He's gotta be doing something for the Super Bowl.  C'mon TB your fans await!  I was thinking something like those wings with the cheese and the bacon that those two dudes did a while ago.
Can't recall salmon in the stands, or even the parking lot of a football game ...


Could you imagine the smell of Salmon service for 100,000 people in a square mile? ;)
Unfortunately I had to work so no love from me.
Best I can do is leftover uncooked bison tacos with lame pics from my bat phone.
My 10 year old canon digi is about done.
Batteries are costing me more than the camera is worth.
Kinda' hashed from catching the last half of the SB but we'll see.
Maybe not.