"Found" a 44 Gallon Drum

Long story short, I went to the Oktoberfest yesterday & came home with an almost new 44 Gal drum with lid and sealer ring.

I'm dreaming of a big wood/coke/briquette BBQ. Have power tools & metal work experience but no oxy or welder.

Anyone have a plan?
Make sure there wasn't toxic waste in it unless you want some glow in the dark ribs :onfire:
speaking of Snowtown, did you hear about the body found in the 44 gallon drum filled with acid at Newcastle in a storage shed today? true story.
I remember one of Chopper Read's "friends" torso was found in a 44 floating down the Yarra River. Chopper said he died in a "bizarre fishing accident"
heres one you can use or get ideas from

and more to get ideas from

I built one myself thats how got started... I offset the cutting of the "hood" leave some metal on the outside of the ends and used strap steel on the inside so the lid would rest on it. also a reason for this is to put a tapin (hvac) supply to attach the chimney. simply stick it to the side and screw in with 5/16 hex bolts and attach a 3ft section of pipe with cap (flu pipe) and use expansion steel for grill top. the legs or stand could be an old gas grill take the grill off and set on top.
before you cut all the way around --- after you cut the back put your hinges on it so it will be square.

have fun
Perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks LUCKYDOG.

Is there a reason only 1/4 is cut away - I was planning on doing halves. Would that matter?
You could do it half way I wanted my smoke stack at just abouve grate height on the side... it was too much weight on the top to keep swinging open I also chained my lid to the angel iron I bolted to the barrel to so I could leave the hood open... it primarily because of weight and smoke distribution...
Are you going to have the coals inside? If so I would also create a clean out door/vent (like a slide) on the bottom ...

Its a lot of fun... A friend of mine like to use 1/4 barrel stainless beer kegs to cook in cut sideways a gas burner under the bottom and you can boil crabs or make keilbasa and saurkraut in the whole barrel it wont rust so its perfect....
Sliding ash door on the bottom...great idea.

The whole top comes off this drum so I'm going to hinge that as well to stoke the wood/coals. The chimney will go on the other end. Do you put a damper in the flue? Thought it might help to go from bbq to smoker.
Yes definitly a damper, a lot of these parts could be bought a hvac supply places or big box stores... You will probably end up running the damper close to being closed.... Barrels are not the most air tight and thick ... but for less than 50$ you can tgo wrong. You can get pretty creative I used an old wooden closet pole and small carriage bolts to make my lid handle and a good place to hang your tongs, gloves, spatula and try to have shelf for your beer or a table nearby
Creative is the word here. Smokers, flavored wood chips, even hot peppers that aren't 'birdseye' are as rare as hens teeth. Everything will need to be adapted from something else or built from scratch.
Shelf for beer hmmmm. I'm going to have to get a welder huh?
Thats what makes it fun... get one of those helmets with the two beer compartments on it ....
Nah you dont need a welder a good drill bit and some bolts will get you thru. Like Frankenstein ... I named mine Cinderella my new one is PETA People Eating Tasty Animals
Is there any Orchards around? I use Mesquite and hickory alot you can probably buy a length of the lumber and chunk it up. I say the orchards if you can get some of their pruning bits you can get a nice smoke.
great info here. i might ultimately just be lazy and by a prefab one. :P does sound like a fun project though.

you could also go to a store that sells grill/smokers and look at them carefully to try to get some ideas on specific ideas you might want to include.

post pics of your progress. would love to see how it all comes together.