Free Pure Evil! CLOSED!


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We sold over 1000 bottles and a single sale of 1 gallon of Pure Evil in 2016!!!!  :WOOT: 
To celebrate, I'm giving away 6 bottles of a 12mil SHU test batch (1/4 oz)  and a single 1/2oz bottle of 8mil concentrate. 
No decorative tins, just the dropper vial in the plastic pill bottle.  And the instruction sheet that says to "keep away from children and idiots:lol:
Offer is open to THP NOOBIES with 100 posts or less as of TODAY January 1, 2017!  Post HERE in this thread to claim your bottle (first person to post can claim the 8mil bottle or one of the 12mil bottles, and then it goes by post priority from there), and then send me a PM with your mailing address. 


Happy New Years, Everyone!!! 
Thanks, Malarky!  BTW, I love your name!  Very Fun~
Hello Salsa Lady,
This year was my first growing super hots and I would love to try some of those drops out. Not sure if I meet the criteria needed but if I do let me know.
Thanks and happy new years!
:welcome: SpicyNug!  You do fit the criteria, thanks for posting!  Please send me a Personal Message with your address.  Click on my name, look for the SEND A MESSAGE link.  And also let me know if you are taking a 12mil bottle or the one 8mil bottle. 
I just realized that newbies probably don't know what Pure Evil is!  :banghead: my bad!  Check out our website for and explanation and pictures of Pure Evil capsaicin drops.
Pure Evil is a capsaicin concentrate that can be added to anything and the drops will increase the heat without changing the flavor of what you put it in. 
Stettoman, ya missed the post cut off ~~  dang, sorry man!  But on the up's great to see new enthusiastic THP members.
And missed the Post Count cut off in your first month on 10 years ago!!!  :lol:  besides, I know you already have some Pure Evil.......xoxo..
Thank you, Pepzi!  Please send me a PM with your mailing adress.

First noobie poster Spicy Nug has taken the 8mil bottle. 
Pepzi and the next 5 will get the 12mil 1/4oz bottles.
JUR-Z-Devil said:
Ah man!!! I been here less than a month...Im newer than both of those guys... Always getting penalized for talking too much... My teachers were right... :shh: :rofl:
reminds me of Scovie~ 
EDIT- nevermind...didn't say that~~~  :lol: