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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning I was up at 4AM then 6AM then again at 6:45AM Made Wings last night I'm the only one that ate the Blue Cheese Dressin, it expired on 11/17/11.......Nobody else got the Hershey Squirts, I figured I was taking a chance but I love Blue Cheese!!!!, least the Cholesterol never had a chance to get digested!!!!!! The Wings Pwned...
was up at 2 with strep thinking "why the hell am i awake at 2 in the morning? then fell asleep 4 hours later only to be rudely awakened a hour later by my cat :(
well, good morning to all of you...I got up at 3:30 CST....glad a lot of you have responded...

no Bloody Mary this morning JayT

@patrick...old habits don't die when you retire...they become stronger...but that's cool...if it is past 8 PM, don't call me, I probably will be in bed...

I got out and started running errands this morning at 7:30
Good morning, it's nineteen minutes until midday here.
I am up at about six every morning during the week. Otherwise i enjoy lying in until about nine.
Do they even play hand-egg in Pittsburg?

Yunz play hand egg EN AT ? It's funny if you watch any of Pitts away games you will see almost as many steelers fans as home fans. Not sure why people all over the country go crazy. I have seen more steeler bars in N.C.,S.C, and Florida than in Pittsburgh. Think it ha s to do with thiz area being in the crapper. All the steel mills were sold out or shipped over seas so people moved way but remained fans.