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off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

Good morning. Same dreary weather for a week at least, 40-55F. All the best to Sic and Chris on their outing this weekend. It sounds like a real adventure. Hugs to Sonya.
Harry, it sounds like your garden planting party is soon under way. Have a great time with friends and family digging in the dirt.
Downriver, I’m with you on the mud. The weather just isn’t cooperating yet. Soon for you.
I met a gardener at the CG yesterday as he had questions. Brr. Cold wind. While there, I saw one person had tilled and planted already. Lots of work for nothing as every plant was frozen. This is why my plant out will be closer to the end of May.
Have a great Friday. Stay healthy and safe. Enjoy everyone’s company and stories.
Morning lovely people
So today is our charity Spring Fair after being postponed from 2 weeks ago due to torrential rain.
I've been manically potting up tomato and chilli plants to sell.
Several cakes and over 100 tomato plants delivered, the chilli plants will be sold later, as the weather is turning cold and wet again for next week.
The sun will shine on us today and we will raise loadsa money for animal rescue :dance:
Have a lovely Saturday - stay warm, dry, eat cake and put your hands in your pocket for charity and smile :D
Everything is set up ready to rock. We are off in a bit.
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Good morning. It's sunny and 47F, on its way to 65F. Calling for cloudy with showers this afternoon, with thunderstorms and small hail possible. Not something to look forward to. It's pretty out there right now anyway.🤷‍♂️ Got an email coupon from Harbor Freight yesterday. 25% off any one item! 😆 So, I spent my afternoon at HF, haha. Bought a cordless 10" chainsaw pole saw. Hot damn, we're ready now! Now that I think about it more rationally today, all I did is buy myself more work, ha. With this weather forecast, I'm not sure what's on the agenda today. Probably an indoor futz day, but we'll see. Hope everybody has a super Saturday. Be safe out there and go for the record today!
Good morning. 38-63F, ready for rain this afternoon. We have our Spring plant swap on the docket about an hour and a half away. Everything is loaded and ready to travel. The grow lights look a bit bare and the rest of the plants look happy. Just wait until we fill the spaces with swap plants.
Mother’s Day dinner tonight at one of my favorite places, so it’s a long day. It will be good to see the gardeners after a year.
All the best to Sic and Chris today. Thanks for the info on the ride.
Have a terrific Saturday everyone. Enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.
Good morning. It's 59F on its way to 82F. Mostly sunny and warm. Been outside getting everything laid out for our plant out helpers. We should be good to go .... they'll start arriving in a bit. Busy day with plant out, feast and a match up in KC tonight. @Sic: Break the record! @ DR: Better return that polesaw! Everybody be safe and be good.
Good morning. Happy Mother's Day, ladies! It's sunny and 51F, on its way to 66F. Should be a pretty, cool, day. Thunderstorm rolled through last night. Got about a half inch of rain. That means more delays for the garden. Oh, well. Since Mom isn't very mobile these days, we decided to order out from her favorite restaurant and deliver one of her favorite meals. I think she'll be tickled. Glad you're safe @ahayastani. @sicman, I was following along with Chris's ride, but I didn't finish, ha. What time did he get done? Be safe out there, and I hope everybody has a wonderful Mother's Day.
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Happy Mother's Day. It's 64F on its way to 81F. Mostly sunny with T-Storms forecasted for this evening. The summer garden is in. I am sore. Doing nothing garden related today. Futzing with fishing tackle this afternoon. Grilling up some surf-n-turf this evening. Be safe and be good.
Good morning and happy Mother’s Day. Rainy and thunder early this AM. Yesterday’s swap was a big disappointment, not much to choose from really. At least it didn’t rain up there. Family meal for Moms Day was delicious. Busy restaurant- probably because the food is great. Another day with plants under the lights, just more to take care of. Congrats on getting your garden(s) in, Harry. That is one big load off your shoulders.
Congrats to Sic and Chris. Glad you are all back safe and sound.
Enjoy your weekend away from stress and chores. Stay safe.
Good morning. Morning sun is a welcome sight. 43-70F, still a bit cool for transplants. Coffee group, Monday chores, plants out and in. Tonight we get to bring a small load of plants to a friend, she can deal with them.
Enjoy your day. Take time for yourself. S.M.I.L.E.
Good morning. It's 61F on its way to 68F. Cloudy and much cooler with light showers and maybe a T-Storm. It's a good rain (without the insane wind) for the newly planted garden. Nothing but futzing today. Grilling burgers this evening. I'm planning on beverages too. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's sunny and 51F, on its way to 77F. Calling for a beautiful day. Think I'm moving all the plants to the carport, to start hardening-off. The nightly lows going forward are upper 50's. That shouldn't be a problem. Plant-out target is this weekend. Guess I better get busy, ha. Hope everybody has a marvelous Monday. Be safe out there and get dirty!
Good morning. It's 60F on its way to 75F. Cloudy with a shower. Doing some office work for a bit and then heading up to KC to run errands. Going to our granddaughter's school program this evening. Wings tonight. Beverages later on. Be safe and be good.
Good morning. It's overcast and 62F, on its way to 68F. It rained overnight and calling for more showers today. All this rain is nice, but it doesn't help to get plants in the ground, ha. If the forecast is right, I won't be able to plant out until mid-late next week:cry:. The weather guessers are known to be inaccurate, so there's that. Moved all the tomato plants out to the carport. Moved almost all the pepper plants to the 3-season porch. I'll move then outside to the carport in a few days. Went down to the garden. Still too wet to work, and last night's rain didn't help. Today will probably be an indoor futz day, cleaning up the grow room and such. Hope everybody has a terrific Tuesday. Be safe out there and keep an umbrella handy.
Good morning. 49-61F, but at least we have some sun until this afternoon. All of the plants were outside last night, and are still in mostly shade for a few more days. Meeting this AM, then going up to the CG and help for up a fence for another gardener. I'm not planting out for at least another week as rain is predicted for many days. My plants will surely be hardened off by then. At home I've been trying to plant a few of the swap plants, really waiting until it's more cloudy so they won't fry in the sun.
Have a wonderful day. Keep on going with the plants. It will soon be way too hot to enjoy the season, but the tomatoes will love it.