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Growing in the Pacific NorthWest Community GrowLog

There have been several yearly PNW grow logs, the last in 2017,
so @FGpepperguy and I thought it might be a good idea to start
an on-going glog for the PNW. This is a community glog, so anyone
is free to post here, whether in the PNW or not. Hopefully, this forum
thread will provide for some information sharing particular to growing
in our crazy, unpredictable weather.

So, that being said, welcome all. Don't be strangers!

"Yes, we can grow chili peppers in the
Pacific NorthWest! Usually."
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Wow. Those guys look fantastic. And you're finding some great angles with your pictures. Not always easy to do.
Thanks, Doc. I bought an iPhone 13 Pro Max,
which has a great camera system. I used the
wide-angle lens on those greenhouse pics.
Cool thing is that the lenses are infinitely ad-
justable, so you can dial in the exact focal
length you need.
That dwarf chiltepin looks huge! 😲
About one meter, in a @2NC container, about 6 l.
The Semillas web site said one meter was the ex-
pected height. The low wide angle shot makes it
look like tall timber!
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Greenhouse starting to wind down, three
plants left, all of which seem tolerant of the
cooler temps. Left to right:
>Rocopica Brown, second generation, seed
from @CaneDog. about a dozen nice sized
brown berries.
>c. flexuosum with one ripe berry. Hoping
fervently for at least a handful of ripe ones.
>c. tovari with a couple of dozen ripe red
berries. I’ll let these plants roll for a little
while longer before pulling the plug.

Flex seed from @Pr0digal_son, Tovari seed from @Mr.joe.
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