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Guru's Garden - Traveling the World in Search of Peppers

Just starting this glog now so it's one less thing to do in a few months when I'm knee deep in compost and getting things in the ground.
Not much to report at the moment. Strains yet to be determined, but I'll probably end up growing too many like always...lol
Only thing that's going on right now is a clean back patio and the chickens doing their part turning over my compost pile on the daily. Intersted in seeing how the soil microbes appreciate the added chicken poop!


Hope everyone has had a decent winter so far and here's to happy germination!

EDIT UPDATE: This glog has turned into an ongoing overwintering, greenhouse and soil building how-to!
Teurf said:
I've been reading your previous glogs and you truly convinced me to go balls off organic.
I read Teaming with Microbes and plan on trying compost tea + fabric pots next summer.
Can't wait for next posts :)
Thanks and gluck!
Portuge said:
Best of luck but then i know you dont need it cause once you feed your plants they grow into giants...
Devv said:
Good luck this season!
Jeff H said:
I'm on board. Let's go guru.
Trippa said:
here we Grow again!!!!!   looking forward to it Rich!!
Thanks guys! Gonna be boring for a month or so until I start sowing seeds, but I've got some cool (non pepper stuff) planned this year too so I'll pop in every now and then to post some random stuff occasionally. Ya know, just to keep it interesting!
Datil said:
Chickens look happy :)
Good luck Guru!
JJJessee said:
Good luck on 2014.
Those are pretty chickens.
Thanks for noticing! They haven't given me a single egg yet but they will soon, I imagine. They are completely free range. They have a wild diet with the occasional compost scraps and spent grain from all the beer I brew. The manure should be quite good in the soil this year!
Pr0digal_son said:
Good growing guru. Let me know if you need some different stuff to grow this season.
Thank you sir! Same to you!
mx5inpa said:
Guru has skills no doubt. But I think people forget the pepper friendly climate he grows in.
No snow, chickens out.
Almost spring there PG? lol
Well, we do have 5 great months of growing season here in Atlanta but anyone who lives here will tell you, Georgia weather is constantly drunk. Very unpredicatable and just when you think you've got it pegged, it can drown your garden and bring the disease OR it can hit you with no rain for months. Its not always as pretty as it can seem in my photographs! lol I actually think we are getting snow tonight and tomorrow...lol
It is almost SPRING and I can't wait. 52 more days.... :party:
Read your past Glogs, and learned SO much. Thanks for posting them for all us to learn from.  Interested to see whats to come in 2014,
If you need any seeds let me know. Updated list is in my Glog.
So, who else finds their kicthen window sill full of half eaten pepper pods? Or am I the only one that does this? LOL I've always looked at it as a good way to dry select pods for seed as well. Anyway, I always collect them at the end of the season, try my best to remember what they were and label the ones im sure of. The ones that I can't positively ID, all get thrown into a "Mystery Bag". Essentially, everything I've ever grown is in this bag. First person to PM me gets it :shh:

Portuge got it!

Better luck next time fellas!
I'll be germing my selections on Valentine's Day (Friday), along with the growdown AjiChuncho. Then things will come alive in this thread finally. Sorry for the boredum thus far!
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Thanks guys, it means a lot to me.
Just a few more days and seeds hit the dirt!