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Halloween Give Away - Winner

Getting close to Lottery Time.  Here are the numbers that have been taken:
174, 212, 215, 327, 341, 367, 416, 420, 494, 507, 513, 518, 595, 610, 647, 713, 724, 736, 769, 808, 824, 837, 844
Dad gummit'!!! What an awesome package this will be ..(would have been)- huge congrats to pepperguy1!! You definitely got the treats, no tricks..
Thanks for the contest Buddy, your concoctions certainly lubricate up the ol' oral mucosa! :P
any runner up prizes for getting 2 below the midday selection? haha I looked at that number and freaked out lol
Rymerpt said:
I'm with Scott, I hear Buddy really knows what he's doin