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pics Harvest

Maters, maters, maters........




Overnight wind knocked over my aji Amarillo, which caused a small amount of premature harvest. Luckily, the plant seems ok, with plenty of pods remaining.

So, here is my largest harvest of the year.


Starting with the Aji Amarillo in the lower left and working clockwise-
Sedona Sun
Orange Cayenne
Market Thai
Spezzano Thai
Aji Limo
Lemon Drop
Serrano - that I let ripen for seed
Red Ghost in the center

I could have 3x harvested either of the Thai, but I became weary...
Some have survived, had some things covered with blanket and burlap and the "Forest" I have provided some sheltering so I still got Half my peppers out their, lots of tomatoes still, good thing I didn't trim them. I found also the black ground cover works well to insulate and heat up the ground so that gave some protection. Not as many got killed as I expected.
Really quick one here - 

Clockwise from left -
Spezzano Thai
Orange Cayenne (they really are orange)
Red Ghost
Sedona Sun
Lemon Drop
Aji Limo
Funny thing.  My Limo's have barely had any seeds. That is mostly a good thing, but, I'm worried that I'll have few seeds to plant.  Maybe the older ones will be stocked.  
I've never seen pepper explosion like this.  Worst tomato season of my life, but pepper plants are 5 feet tall.
I'm harvesting literally hundreds of peppers every other day.
Lemon Drop is prolific, as are the Ghosts, Reapers, cayennes and Caribbean Red.  
I pulled 4 gallon bags of superhots out of the freezer yesterday and put them in the dehydrator. Had to order more airlocks because I ferment everything.
Can't keep up.
Good problem!
Wasps starting to eat these apples (sweet) since not much left in garden and winter around the corner.
Left them one apple on the tree for them , been nibbling daily on them, real yummy, this is whats left. Still have another tree that they haven't sighted, not as sweet but keeping my eye on it.