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pics Harvest

Had a broken cayenne branch but other than that the garden is giving us plenty to work with.


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Here's some pickins over the last week or so.

(top left, clockwise) Peach-a-Dew (Trade Winds), Purple Thunder - Mystery (PaulG), Crunch Sweet Orange, Fatalii (SSE)

(top left, clockwise) Purple Thunder - Mystery (PaulG), Naga J PC-1 XL, Tepin x Lemon Drop - round pheno (TrentL), Tepin x Lemon Drop - bullet pheno (TrentL), Hinkelhatz Yellow x, Hinkelhatz Red

Hinkelhatz Yellow x

Paper Lantern Habanero
All my yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnets were from farmer's market pepper seeds.  Many of the resulting brood were a bit smaller, but some were pretty impressive, and prolific for the first two years.  I think it is just a matter of overwintering and transplanting, for which I have had great results over the past three+ years.  Still getting a good bit of action from the red bhuts, reapers, red habaneros, and some weird stuff I still haven't figures out. 
Another little harvest

Three medium sized bell peppers, 5 or 6 jalapenos and 4 Habaneros. You cant see them but there are 3 or 4 small grape tomatoes in the bowl as well.

Temps have dipped into the high 40s a couple of times at night recently so I guess the summer season is coming to a close.

I lost my notes from the early part of the summer but altogether I'm estimating I harvested close to 2 kg each of jalapenos and habaneros (with 25 or 30 green pods still on the plant) somewhere around a kg of grape tomatoes(with 20 or so green tomatoes still on the plant), half a kg each of basil and arugula and half a kg of bell peppers. Bell peppers produced almost zero good pods for most of the summer and then in the last month (once the temps cooled a bit) just exploded. I've got 5 or 6 golf ball sized pods still growing and several new blossoms that look to be getting ready to fruit.

Not too shabby for a noob first timer.

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southcarolina said:
Is Hawaiian pepper water like southern pepper sauce?

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I'm not familiar with Southern pepper sauce, but im assuming it could be very similar. I've heard of hawaiian chili pepper water being compared to Puerto Rican "Pique".
Essentially its just water, white vinegar, salt and chili peppers. Some people, like myself, add sliced garlic, ginger, and other liquids for flavor (like soy sauce or Worcestershire). 
Southern pepper sauce is vinegar salt and green tobacco peppers. Its a staple around here on cooked greens ( collards especially) and sometimes on green beans. You can reuse the peppers several times . Just refill the bottle with white vinegar when it gets low and let it sit for a few days.

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