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HeatMiser's 2021 Glog

Happy New Year!
With the new year comes a new Glog, hoping that 2021 is much better than 2020 (low bar, I know). I'm already pumped to get things going.
Here's what I'll be growing this year
5 Gal Kratkys
Fatalii - Always wanted to grow these. I've had germination issues in the past. Hopefully I'll get to finally grow one this year.
Antep Aci Dolma - I've read amazing things about this pepper. Looking forward to using it in the kitchen.
Carolina Reaper - The one and only. The king of sting. I just had to grow one of these.
Paquime Hybrid - These Jalapenos are gigantic. I see some Poppers in the future.
Yum-Yum Hybrid - Growing these for my wife. She wanted to try a different sweet pepper.
Habanero - A classic. I'm growing this one to fully use the space I have available for my 5 gal buckets. This might get axed if a more interesting variety shows up.
1 Gal Kratkys
Chiltepin - I didn't get to see this one set pods last year due to a broad mite attack. I'm trying again this year.
Numex Twilight - Carrying this one over from my current 2020 grow.
Mystery Pepper - Carrying this one over from my current 2020 grow.
3 Gal Fabric Pots
Piri-Piri - I follow Chillichump on YouTube and he's all over this one. Figured I should try it and see what I think.
Bahamian Goat - I also follow Khang Starr and he mentions this one all the time. 
Sugar Rush Striped - These look soo cool, like bacon in pepper form. 
Death Spiral - Cool name, don't know what to expect.
Khang Starr Lemon Starrburst - This must be one of the most hyped-up peppers recently. Let's see what the fuzz is about.
BJh-1 Purple Thunder - Got my hands on some seeds from the A-Train. Thanks for adding these PaulG! The pods are really gorgeous. Hopefully I can get them to grow successfully.
This grow is going to be a challenge for me in a good way. This is the most plants I'll have ever taken care of, and also I'll be branching out a little and try to grow the 3 Gal Fabric Pots outdoors. I hope I can keep those plants to a manageable size until they move outside.
Seeds were already put in their rockwool cubes earlier today:

Just waiting for germination. Let's see how this year (and grow) turns out!
Hope you guys are having a good start to 2021...