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Hellfire Farm 2022


Time to get ready for 2022!
Hybird Commercial/personal glog I suppose, I'll track everything.

Preparing the starter area today & Sunday. Super-hots get started next week.


Plastic is to protect the lights on the shelves below from possible drips while watering. The boxes are warming mats, something new I'm trying this year.

Super-hots get started next week:
  • Carolina Reaper - 490
  • Bhut Jolokia - 490
  • Habanero - 280
  • Yellow Reaper - 100
  • Dragon's Breath - 70
  • Habanada - 105
  • "Where's the Heat" habanero - 100 (first year trial)
I include the habanada with the super-hots because it's growth habit is similar - slow to germinate and slow to grow at first.

Big Jim, Sahuaro Anaheim, Serrano Tampiqueno, Poblano Carranza for myself getting started in about a month.

Big expansion this year from last, now that I have all the details down finally!

I know it's not a lot of variety - maybe you guys can suggest some new stuff for me to try.
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Nice starter wall. Do you have a reflective cover for the front, as well?
Well, unexpected delay: turns out the local garden shop where I was planning to get my starter trays is closed this week. So I either find an alternate source (off-season for most places) or wait until Monday.
Looks like you're well on your way. I'd suggest looking into some baccatum type peppers. Brazilian Starfish is a good one with little or no heat and reminiscent of an apple. I'll be growing Aji Mango for the third year. This pepper is medium hot with some nice light fruity tones. Baccatums have been super productive for me and usually out perform my chinense varieties. Good luck with the operation!
Hey Grassy...have to agree with you...B.Starfish and A. Mango are both good baccs...another one that I highly recommend is A. Guyana.
I just changed my avatar as is seen on the left ..I have been growing it for a while now,each yr it never ceases to amaze me.
Definitely one for the dirt in '22 if you ask me.:D
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The soak

Spent all day planting a total of almost 1900 seeds. Set out the heat mats, got the trays laid out


I cut out the two cells to facilitate watering, and so I can easily see the water level. That gives me 70 plants per tray (thus some of the numbers above)

8 heat mats and 16 lights. Good thing I ran a dedicated 20-amp circuit last year!

Now the waiting begins.


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That is ambitious, indeed. I hope they
don't all sprout at once for you! You will
need some help dealing with all those
as it is!
TIC was reading 92-95 on the heat mats today! So I turned those off for a bit. Looks like I'm going to have to get them on a thermostat or a timer. Warm is good but I think that may be a bit much!


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TIC was reading 92-95 on the heat mats today! So I turned those off for a bit. Looks like I'm going to have to get them on a thermostat or a timer. Warm is good but I think that may be a bit much!
The first season I used a heat mat, the temps
got over 90F and I thought the seeds were cooked.
Then I realized some seeds germinate in high
temperatures in nature, so I let them go, and it
turned out okay. I don't remember the exact
results, but I had seedlings in the end. I think
that was in 2013. I finally used a sheet of corrugated
cardboard under the tray to keep the temps down a
bit. Also realized the temp at the bottom of the seed
germinator is not the same as the top of the soil. Even
With a sheet of cardboard, the bottom is 90-91F, but
the seed depth is more like low 80's. Seems to work
okay (soil method). In rockwool, temps around 80F top
and bottom.
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That will be a little forest before you know it, @HellfireFarm!
Amazing what difference 3-4 days makes!