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Hellfire Farm 2022


Time to get ready for 2022!
Hybird Commercial/personal glog I suppose, I'll track everything.

Preparing the starter area today & Sunday. Super-hots get started next week.


Plastic is to protect the lights on the shelves below from possible drips while watering. The boxes are warming mats, something new I'm trying this year.

Super-hots get started next week:
  • Carolina Reaper - 490
  • Bhut Jolokia - 490
  • Habanero - 280
  • Yellow Reaper - 100
  • Dragon's Breath - 70
  • Habanada - 105
  • "Where's the Heat" habanero - 100 (first year trial)
I include the habanada with the super-hots because it's growth habit is similar - slow to germinate and slow to grow at first.

Big Jim, Sahuaro Anaheim, Serrano Tampiqueno, Poblano Carranza for myself getting started in about a month.

Big expansion this year from last, now that I have all the details down finally!

I know it's not a lot of variety - maybe you guys can suggest some new stuff for me to try.
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Been harvesting some over the last couple weeks - some good amounts of the Cherry "Time Bomb" peppers and the green peppers (Jalapeno & Anaheim). Super-hots started setting last week. Here's today's haul


Clockwise from top left (most of you probably will recognize most without the list):
Time Bomb
Yellow Reaper
"Fiesta" Cayenne
Fooled You no-heat Jalapeno
Carolina Reaper (they look redder in person!)
more Time Bomb
Ghost (also look redder in person)