Hello from Brisbane Australia

BobsYourUncle said:
Bent - how are the scorpians/bolivian rainbows going?

Rainbows are small & happy in colorful pots (they're destined for xmas presents). Another 6 Bih Jolokia flower buds this morning, teabags are driving me nuts! Need to cover the whole plant.

Omri said:
You Australians are awesome! :D

Correct - You Israelis are so wise :cool:
Welcome from Fort Worth
I just can't get over how busy this place is, the network of people across the US, Canada and the rest of us is very cool. I like it here alot.

See you all around
chilliman64 said:
yes we are awesome, and you'll learn also that we are exceedingly modest and teetotallers and all good-looking and funny...
Of course, it's widely known. :rolleyes:
teetotallers lol good one...If I was a famous Football player they would give me a "special holiday in LA"..... Sauces are doing damn well at the moment, just gotta roll on.
IGG thats because there aren't many of us... certainly only about 5 worth mentioning that I can think of. Hot as in Habanero hotsauce is a relitively new thing in OZ most of our hot is asian based which is a completely different ball game and generally speaking not as hot as the super hot dry hab sauces you get in the US.

Its interesting the amount of Oz people popping up on all the pepper sites its good to see.

HAve a good one evryone,