Hello from Brisbane Australia

Hello all, I have been checking this forum for a while now and thought it only right to join and introduce myself. My name is Mick and my wife and I are owners of a cafe in Brisbane and we also have a successful hot sauce company which we are slowly distrubuting across Australia and the world called "Ol' man Stillmanz boutique hot sauce"
One thing I love about the hot food culture is its very universal and very friendly I have met great people in england though the power of the net and now I thought I'd jump the atlantic and meet a few on the other side. Thats about me hope to chat to many of you down the track.

Mick Stillmanz
Ol' man Stillmanz
Boutique hotsauce.

I have a bottle of your hot sauce in my 'fridge right now that I've been a little scared to try. Guess I need to butch up, huh?
G'day Mick.

Ol man Stillmanz is a fine range. I eat some of your product on an almost daily basis.

Welcome to THP from a few km's south :lol:
I'm stalking you bent:shocked::)
This is a fantastic site its just so big I get lost on here for hours. I love the fact it has a so many areas for commercial industry chat, I think thats a nice touch.

Pam Don't be scared there is as much flavour as there is heat in anything we do. Theres a bloke in England who was using one of my hottest fruit based sauces on pan cakes at breakfast:rolleyes::cool:

Hope everyone is having or has just had a great day.
stillmanz said:
This is a fantastic site its just so big I get lost on here for hours. I love the fact it has a so many areas for commercial industry chat, I think thats a nice touch.

Beware the BBQ section...people go in there & never return :shocked:
I knew a man named Ol' Man Stillmanz
He grew whiskers on his...

what rhymes with stillmanz???

gday and welcome Mick, glad to have you aboard - for a few bottles of your Texas Pequin I'll say some nice things about you...
Lol good one Mark.. If you can get to Haggis' ( Redback chilli co) Jindivick chilli festival in February I could probably organize something:cool::cool: for a few kind words. It looks like we are now a definate. Only thing is Haggis is a nutter and i might need a liver transplant after from all the drinking:rolleyes:
xgrafcorex I currently don't have any outlets in the Us but give me time;)

Catch you all later


ps By the way chilliman that review you wrote for me is brilliant and hanging in the shop window we love it.
really??? I'm glad you liked it! it was from the heart. I really tried to make it sound sincere!!!

my first published work :party:

best of luck with the liver!

oh yeah - get that website up and running
Down to my last bottle :shocked: -


I will be coming to see you on the w/end
I will hopefully have some interesting pods for you to sample Bents some ripe Priki nero ( my hybrid orange habanero x prik kee nu) All the plants are going gang busters, but the cross is comming on first. They are feirce hot too but rather that the classic orange habanero apricot flavour they seem to be more rounded citrus almost orange taste (once you stop drooling and crying that is:shocked:)
How does the garden grow for you? Hows that bhut farm?
prik kee nu would be that little Thai 'mouse delicacy' would it?
Sounding like I should bring beer on the w/end :)
The weather last 10 days has been very kind. The first bhut is flowering {buy shares in Liptons now} , serrano & other plants have doubled in size & at least a kilo of orange habs due to ripen in the next 2 weeks along with a bucket of asians. 20 Thai, 20 Siam, 20 Habs, 20 nagas & 10 Scorpions in the hothouse for germination. Several of everything else on my grow list (signature) is doing fine in pots & waiting for me to dig more holes in the yard.
Will be a good year.
Greetings Mick. Another Brisbane-ite... you've been mentioned in these parts before...

Bent - how are the scorpians/bolivian rainbows going? Sounds like I'm beating you in the naga stakes, I have two babies on one of my plants :onfire: I'll have to try to remember to take some photos of my garden in the morning before I go to uni...