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hot peppers!

chuk hell said:
I have a passionate love affair with the habanero but the humble jalapeno is the pepper I eat every day. I put them in almost everything I eat. Great sliced, on a sandwich...then add habanero sauce to said sandwich...yum.

I also love peanut butter and jalapeno sandwiches.

That does sound good.

I wonder... stuff Jalapenos with peanut butter, roll in batter, deep fry. Peanut Butter Jalapeno poppers???
Oh awesome! I will bring this one up to date (at least for me) and add Fatalii! Love it's fruitiness, nice even burn, and lasting power.
Tina Brooks said:
The Bahamian Goat Pepper is mine... it's got that sweet flavour of the Red Savina with the bite of a nasty old scotch bonnet...

We like to make poppers out of them, but ouch, they hot!


Ahhhh ! You took my answer

My favorite pepper too and has a kick like something i caznt quite name which i shall call jackelephandonkeygoatpighorse.
I'm liking my Limon's (chinense) quite a bit. Very habbish flavor but more citrusy. Not quite as hot as an orange hab so you can really taste the flavors even after eating a bunch.
Well I may as well add to a thread that's 5 years old. I love the serrano pepper for cooking and really like the jalapeno for plain old eating on stuff. Burgers, subs, sammies, whatever.

Gonna be trying a bunch of other peppers this year as well as next. All thanks to the nice folks on THP!
ATM my favorite would be Bonda Ma Jaque (sp). It goes well with everything really and tastes superb. Its not really blow ya head off hot either.
JayT said:
Oh awesome! I will bring this one up to date (at least for me) and add Fatalii! Love it's fruitiness, nice even burn, and lasting power.

And Fatallis are SO good in vodka :lol:
Normally forms archive post older than x, but when I found this one I thought wow what a good topic and almost no replies! Lets give it another go around! Seems like I will have to infuse some peppers in a bottle of vodka and let them age for a few years!
I really love Fataliis. The heat is definitely there, and the flavor is unlike any other yellow chinense I've tasted. Much more citrusy, and makes a great sauce. May have to update this again in a few months though, cause I'm growing a ton of peppers I've not tried before this year!
I've gone full circle....

I grew up eating jalapenos and then started gardening about 15 years ago. I gravitated towards peppers and then bought a couple of Caribbean Red pepper plants (at Target no less). I love CR's.

I have grown all sorts of chinense and really enjoy them.

However, if I had to choose, the jalapeno is my all-time favorite. Especially when they're red-ripe.

The jalapeno is so versatile and it simply has wonderful flavor that complements so many dishes.
I love Aji limon and Orange Manzanos for my chili...Devils Tongue is my fav Hot pepper probably cause I haven't tried anything else except Habs and Ghost.
 Jalapenos have to be my favorite because of taste and versatility. Although, I eat Serranos almost everyday because they are available all year long and some have some pretty respectable heat. And during the season they are both fast growing and you dont have to wait till the end of the growing season for them to ripen to enjoy them.
That said, I would not ever want to be restricted to only one pepper. With so many varieties available and so many heat and flavor profile combinations. it is the one fruit that has enough varieties that you could never try them all or get bored attempting it.