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hot peppers!

Jalapeno and Fresno just because they are so versatile. Good both ripe or green and normally produce well earlier. This is my first year growing Fresno and i cant believe the production including ripe.
Aleppo and CCN Jamaican Gold for powder. Aleppo has better flavor and the Gold dry really fast. They also make a great mild to mid heat hot sauce.
For hotter i would have to say bonnets. Last year was rather disappointing but this year i have more than i can use. Flavor of the Dreadies and MWCH reds are both really nice too.
I pretty much gave up on sweet bells BUT Tekne Dolmasi will be grown again next year. Probably grow Antep Aci Dolma again too. They both blow common sweet red bells away.

The Hot Pepper

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I’d say my top 3 are probably:

-Chocolate Scotch Bonnet
-MoA Scotch Bonnet

(not necessarily in that order)

Grass Snake

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Never tried scotch bonnet, but was talking to a friend last Friday and she said they’re her favorite because they have a unique flavor and aren’t terribly hot.
Heat is about the same as a Habanero.


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Got a few.

Unlike most, I really don't like the Jalapeno. Something about the flavor sits wrong with me.

Starting at the milder end, Anaheim & Numex varieties (and all the subtle differences among them), and Poblano. Especially roasted.
HATCH red chile (i.e. grown in Hatch, NM) - grew up on it.
Serrano. Great for salsas/pico, pickled, etc.
And Habanero. I really like the bright and fruity flavor. I've HEARD Scotch Bonnets are supposed to be better but those I've had so far don't seem to have as much flavor. Got some P. Dreadle I'm going to try next year so we'll see...
Got a pack of poblano peppers in the fridge, I’m going to ferment. Found a recipe that calls for those, Serrano peppers, onion, and garlic that looks interesting.Have a bunch more that went into the freeze dryer. It’s been a bumper year. The thing is, I can’t recall buying poblanos this spring. SMDH. They look like poblano and are certainly hotter than a bell, but not too bad.

like @HellfireFarm im not keen on jalapeños either, and my wife says the heat is ok, but she doesn’t like the flavor.
Still love ripe Mucho Nacho jalapeno. I use it as a base for several sauces when i dont want face melting hot. Roasted Poblano or Hatch combined with green jalapeno or serrano is also excellent.

This year i bought some unknown serrano from the farmers market and they are exactly what ive been looking for in a serrano. Fairly good size and nice heat. Damn thing produced lots and lots of peppers too.

I got one bonnet from RFC (i think) this year. Just listed as Scotch Bonnet. Flavor was fantastic and a bit milder than Dreadies or TFMs. Ive been bringing it in the house just to get the last few pods off it :P


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I don't know about a favorite, because it varies depending on the use.. I sure am in love with a couple of hybrid PL SugarCane that have evolved between her and I into something a little more Chinense.
Just one of many wonderful peppers I discovered in this community! These other two are impossible for me to cut from the grow too.. Doubt I could ever get tired of eating any of these.


None of these are stable or true, from my experience, but I'll enjoy chasing them till they are.
I like how most no peoples picks are long established varieties that have likely been selected for flavor and productivity for generations rather that 2M+ scoville crosses of crosses of crosses that taste like bear spray soap.
Funky hybrids are fun but….
That said a new favorite of mine is the Scotch Bonnet Jonah 7. It’s a hybrid that actually tastes like both of its parents. Flavor starts out scotch bonnet and then the 7 pot kicks in along with the heat. Hotter than a scotch bonnet but not as hot as a 7 pot. Just right for me for a superhot sauce or salsa. You can use enough to taste the pepper without without making it inedible for anybody that’s not a chile head.

The Hot Pepper

I like how most no peoples picks are long established varieties that have likely been selected for flavor and productivity for generations rather that 2M+ scoville crosses of crosses of crosses that taste like bear spray soap.
I like how you come here to pick on what other people picked instead of worrying about yourself 😂


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I like the Norman special. Its a beautiful tasting with a robust full flavored pepper that compliments every dish. Problem is, You just cant find them.

So I guess my favorite pepper is black.