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So the other day I go to the doctors. I have had this nasty sinus infection for over a week. He tells me what I already know about the sinus infection. He hands me my script for antibiotics. He then tells me to use a certain Nose Spray called "Sinus Buster" he says its all natural and non-habit forming. So I go to the store get my pills and this nose spray. I get home glance at the spray (it says 2 mists in each nostril) insert it in my nostril and give it 2 quick sprays.........My eyes instantly begin to water as it feels like hot poker has been rammed up my nose and into my brain!!!!!!! HOLY HELL is all I can say as my eyes start pouring out the tears........I take a better look at the nose spray "ACTIVE INGREDIANT : Capsicum Annuum 3X"....Pepper spray for your nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talked to my Doctor the next day and told him my next visit I am bringing a hot pepper and inserting it where the sun don't shine on him!!!!!!! He laughed and told me I guess I forgot to warn you.....


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Save yourself some money next time you get a sinus infection and just take a whiff of some superhot powder. I guarantee you it's less expensive than the doctor visit and meds.

Come to think of it, I haven't had any sinus infections in a looong time. And I (unintentionally) get dosed with chile powders on a regular basis. :lol:
I have an inherent distrust of doctors. I remember being told as a kid "this won't hurt a bit..." as he was about to remove some metal pins from my broken left arm. Then he motioned to 3 male orderlies.."okay guys, hold him down...."
wow, if this is true then chalk one up for Capsaicin cures!

Here is a link to there website with links to the studies!!! :http://www.busterbrands.com/proven-relief/ Even though it caught me off gaurd and was not expecting the burn.....It works very well!!!! The initial blast is like snorting a small amount of Habanero Powder!! I am very surprised at how many medical uses Capsaicin has!!!! I just wanna know who was the dip shit.....now rich dip shit....that stuck Capsacin up his/her stuffed up nose to see if it would work!!! LOL