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It is what it is 2023


Under extreme pressure from my peers :lol: I am reluctantly starting my 2023 glog
Haven't actually planted any seeds yet, but it won't be long before I succumb to the gentle scent of compost, the lure of germination and the excitement of seeing a sprout
I am, however, cleaning all my plant tags if that's not commitment I don't know what is
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What will you be growing?
How long have you got? :lol:
Primarily I shall be concentrating on my stalwarts that I use for chilli pickle and cowboy candy - jalapenos, espelettes, serranos, black Hungarians.
Not sure about the Super hots but I definitely want to grow Sugar Rush Peach, Mme Jeanette, Bonda Ma Jacques, Fruit Burst Habanero, Fatali, KS Lemon burst, KS white thai and Habanada this year.
Plus I've got seeds that I've never grown before so I want to grow about 10 newbies.
Then the Spanish contingent padrons, piquillos and guindillos

That's already too many :rofl:

Course that plan could go up in smoke and I grow everything :lol: