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It is what it is 2023


Under extreme pressure from my peers :lol: I am reluctantly starting my 2023 glog
Haven't actually planted any seeds yet, but it won't be long before I succumb to the gentle scent of compost, the lure of germination and the excitement of seeing a sprout
I am, however, cleaning all my plant tags if that's not commitment I don't know what is
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Today is the first day I've been into the greenhouse for a few months.
I cut down the pepper plants and left them in there to see what would happen.
It's surprisingly warm in the greenhouse considering there's no heating and a fair few gaps around the joints.
How do I know if the plants have survived? They're just brown stumps in pots.
Although one has green sprouts but they were there before winter came.
I'm happy to wait and see what happens when the temperature gets warmer, or do you think they're goners?

Yes, yes I know I should've read up on how to do it first :lol:
When they produce new growth they probably will do fine.
Brown stumps doesn't sound too encouraging though, you could scratch the outer layer of the stem with your nails and see if the cambium layer underneath is still green and alive... if not toss 'm in the bin and start sowing some more peppers! :D


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this year so far it's been -5C - but we've got -10C forecast overnight next week


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Huzzah the grow light arrived yesterday.
Today I'll start some seeds off. Going to try the coffee filter method on a few seeds see how that works for me.
Normally I soak seeds in warm water for a few days which works but you know, modern times and all that.