heat I've read a lot of debates about the hottest, how about the tastiest?

Rooster spur? Thought that was part of a male chicken when The Squatchman said he got one from you in a message. Now I am interested.
Rooster spur? Thought that was part of a male chicken when The Squatchman said he got one from you in a message. Now I am interested.
This is Rooster Spur. Asian annum like small upright dragon except tastier and more aromatic. Very productive plant structure averaging 5-10 peppers a node. As hard as I tried I couldnt make one taller than about 3.5 ft but they are very bushy. Me like. Heres one from 07.

Some family here in the south has grown them for 100yrs or something and make Rooster Sausage. Im sure its delicious.
I have some of those, but the vendor changed the name... The only difference I see is the pods are slightly darker green, but then that could be lighting.
Recently tried 7pod, Scotch Bonnet, Orange Hab, Brown Hab, Red Hab, Naga King, Black pearl, Jalapeno, Bishops Crown, Belle Pepper, PeriPeri, Yellow Fatalii.... Difficult to judge as some hot chilli's you only get a flash of flavour before and after the taste buds get caned...

In order of taste: Bishops Crown, Naga King, Yellow Fatalii, Red Hab, 7 Pod, Scotch Bonnet, PeriPeri, Orange Hab, Black Pearl, Jalapeno, Belle Pepper, Brown Hab...

I pity your butt. :onfire: :rofl:
Agreed but I was referring to the ones grown in Mexico that inevitably end up in every grocery store here. I just don't like the taste. I call it "the hab taste" and get the same effect from Datils, Caribbean Reds, and red Scotch Bonnets. It seems prevalent in many chinenses and I suppose it's what I read about as being "fruity" or "citrousy" but I just find it unappealing. I find the taste I'm referring to as difficult to hide in many dishes... kind of like tossing some cinnamon in a glass a milk and pretending it's not there. I like fruit and citrous fruit, but I don't find most chinenses I've tried to taste like either. I do like the heat they provide and I do like the varieties mentioned in my previous post but eating one a la carte reminds me of gargling with gasoline. My palate is probably shot to hell. :confused:

I'm pretty much the same way. I'm not a huge fan of the chinense flavor on its own, it induces a gag reflex every time I've tried one. I like their aroma and what they bring to a dish, but on their own, no thanks. I wouldn't call them fruity, the aroma and flavor often remind me of citrus, but the taste is off. The only peppers I've had that I have found legitimately fruity (or at least, floral) have all been baccatums. I enjoy their flavor profile along with the smokiness of pequins. On the other hand, I have to say that Judy's Blue Mystery smelled ridiculously fruity when I popped one of the dried pods open, curious to see how a fresh pod tastes...