heat I've read a lot of debates about the hottest, how about the tastiest?

Chocolate Han:

Anyone who thinks super hots are only hot and don't have any taste should dry their peppers and make powder out of them. Even the hottest peppers in powder form are not unbearable at all. You get some heat, you get the taste, but then the heat only lasts a few minutes. There is no stinging or burning and you can always use a little less in a dish if you need to.
I have tried many hot peppers, but I have to go back to the first hot pepper I ever grew, the Bhut Jolokia, for the best tasting pepper powder that I use on food. On the foods that don't go quite right with the bhuts, the Fatalii powder seems to do the trick. For a fresh hot pepper, the yellow 7 pods are just great.
I really like Anaheims and Jalapenos for their great taste. They lend themselves perfect for stuffing also.

My favorite Super Hot is the 7 pot Jonah - can't wait to ferment some sauce with them this year.

For hot varieties, I really like the Caribbean Red and the Datils.

I'm also a big fan of Pimento de Padron - awesome.
Dorset Naga is a winner for stand alone taste. It's unique or at least my taste buds think so

Fatalii's nice but its very similar to so many other yellow pods.... :shh:

A slice of Dorset, blue cheese and fig jam on a cracked pepper crackers is so nice.

But then Scorp's with garlic and ginger complement each other. Fatalii and fruit works well, even on icecream.

Others mix in so well with certain ingredients, there all good in my books except for ornamentals :rolleyes:
Out of what I have tried, I really like:
Yellow Bhut
7 pot Yellow
Jalapeño (ripe, of course)
Calusa Indian Mound (super acrid and stingy!)
Vietnamese Tearjerker
Fatalii's nice but its very similar to so many other yellow pods.... :shh:

Are you able to describe how the Fatalii you tried tasted?

I don't have one answer to the question of which is the tastiest but I have commented on some varieties in this post. C. Chinense Limón pods are a favourite here and SBTFM is growing on me.
This is not a criticism of a repost. I like how the discussion evolves over time.

Here is where a nice jewish boy started down the path of destruction.

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Recently tried 7pod, Scotch Bonnet, Orange Hab, Brown Hab, Red Hab, Naga King, Black pearl, Jalapeno, Bishops Crown, Belle Pepper, PeriPeri, Yellow Fatalii.... Difficult to judge as some hot chilli's you only get a flash of flavour before and after the taste buds get caned...

In order of taste: Bishops Crown, Naga King, Yellow Fatalii, Red Hab, 7 Pod, Scotch Bonnet, PeriPeri, Orange Hab, Black Pearl, Jalapeno, Belle Pepper, Brown Hab...
Agreed but I was referring to the ones grown in Mexico that inevitably end up in every grocery store here. I just don't like the taste. I call it "the hab taste" and get the same effect from Datils, Caribbean Reds, and red Scotch Bonnets. It seems prevalent in many chinenses and I suppose it's what I read about as being "fruity" or "citrousy" but I just find it unappealing. I find the taste I'm referring to as difficult to hide in many dishes... kind of like tossing some cinnamon in a glass a milk and pretending it's not there. I like fruit and citrous fruit, but I don't find most chinenses I've tried to taste like either. I do like the heat they provide and I do like the varieties mentioned in my previous post but eating one a la carte reminds me of gargling with gasoline. My palate is probably shot to hell. :confused:

I'm with you on pretty much all of that, Dork. I even cringe now when someone describes a pepper as being "fruity" because it brings that taste you speak of to mind. (And yeah, I called it "the hab taste" too for a while... now I just call it "the typical Chinense taste".)

Annuums are where it's at for me usually when it comes to flavour. Chinenses? I actually have found a handful I especially like--most still with a bit of a "typical Chinense taste" but something else that sets them apart. And As far as other species go, I haven't really tried too many to really give my overall opinion. Individual Baccatum standouts for me are Aji Lemon and Aji Russian Yellow. I find Aji Russian Yellow has a fruity aroma and taste but very different from that horrible Chinense fruity taste.

Its probably easier to name the lame peppers than to pick favorites.