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JJBagoose 2010 Grow Log


Haven't posted in a while but I was lurking the other day and it got me psyched to start some plants for this year.

I just finished setting up about 40 Jiffy Pellets with the following varieties:

XL Trinidad Congo
Yellow Scorpion - CARDI
Bhut Jolokia
TFM Scotch Bonnet
Peach Habanero
Hot Paper Lantern
Lemon Drop
Orange Devil's Tongue
Yellow Haberno
7-pot (120)
Naga Morich (46)
Mesilla Cayene (27)
Tabasco (29)
Jalepeno M
Golden Greek Pepperoncini
Trinidad Scorpion
Agni Cayenne

In order to have a successful season I have some stuff I really need to accomplish. One of my goals for the year is to craft a better setup for starting the plants out. My basement proves to be a little too cold for peppers this time of year.

I also want to build a couple of raised beds to house all these puppies.

Stay tuned to see if I succeed at pepper growing or succumb to the pressures of marriage, parenthood, work and beer.

Good Luck to All This Year.

Just found a nice thermometer to use for Soil temp.

Here is my current setup resting on top of my Verizon Fios Heatpad:

2 Jalepenos and 1 Yellow Scorpion are the first to rear their heads :D

Pics to follow!

I better start to prepare a place to grow these seedlings.
Pepp3rFreak said:
Nice variety or peppers! I love the heat pad!! :)

Best Wishes to a very successful year!

Thank you very much. My seasons have only been getting better. Hopefully this year will be the best.

Finally, after 5 days a sign of life!

So now I got a couple of little seedlings sticking their necks up. I removed the couple of pellets that have made the most progress and put them under a CFL until the rest are ready for the shoplight.

This is my first year using the jiffy pellets and I am noticing that they dry out super quick under the lights. I've started to bottom water them to try and keep them hydrated under the lights.

What do other people who use Jiffy Pellets do to keep them moist before potting up?

I haven't used them in a long while, but if you crowd them tight together in a tray it will reduce evaporation from the sides.

Your grow list packs a lot of heat. :)
Some progress pics. So far I have acheived 60% germination with at least a
few more on the way. All pellets are off the cable box and under the lights:


Here is one of the CARDI Yellow Scorpions from cmpman:

Looks good. Don't trip on the peat pellets, just keep bottom waterin' if they look/feel like they're gettin too dry. If they ever completely dry out, then they're a bizatch to rehydrate.
Just about 4 weeks since my initial sowing effort and things are going pretty well. I achieved around 75% germination and potted up about 30 plants into Keg Cups.

Meanwhile, my makeshift setup in the guest bedroom was officially denied a permit to operate by my wife. Two things led to this decision:

1. My 21 month daughter kept running into the room and knocking plants over.

2. My whole upstairs started to smell like Pro-mix. Which I thought was a lovely aroma, the wife disagreed though.

So that motivated me to move down to the basement. Luckily the 2 shoplights are keeping the air temp between 70-75F and soil temp is between 60-65. It seems to be doing the trick since the plants are coming along nicely. I also purchased a roll of Mylar at the local Hydro store.

Here are a couple of updated shots:

Overall Setup:


Some Yellow CARDI Shots:



Its been a good start for me so far. Hopefully, I can succeed.
Looking very good, it's always great to see those sprouts peeking out then develop into plants...they seem to be flourishing.
Looking good goose! They were getting a bit leggy there for a bit but they be looking just fine now. Great work.
JJ, PLants are looking great! I want to get mylar too.

Did oyu drill holes in the top keg cup then do you just pour your water nutrients into the bottom and let it soak it up?
the top of the soil looks very dry why im asking.
Nate, I did drill holes but I am still top watering. Don't know if it would be better to bottom feed. In general I am letting the plants get pretty dry before re-watering.

In my past experience the plants seem to do better drying out like that instead of being of overwatered like I have in the past ;)

By the way, last week I finally germinated some of the Kung Pao seeds you sent me. Both peat pellets sprouted very quickly and they seem to be growing quickly.

Thanks again for your generosity. Can't wait to eat some of those bad boys in a stir fry. (or right off the plant :D )
6 Week Update

OK, so I am 6 weeks in and I'm still growing strong

Most plants are doing well and then there are a couple of
slow growers (i.e. my 1 naga seed)

Here are some updated pics:

Jalepeno Ms are out of control. They ended up a little leggy but
are already getting close to flowering. I plan to pinch these buds:



This Jalepeno is having some sort of issue. I suspect some sort of
nutrient deficency? I just watered the lot with Epsom hoping to mitigate
more of this:


Here is a 7-pot with some weird double leaf action:

great looking start of the year JJ...hope it all goes well for you...

as far as the bottom leaf on that Jap goes...I would remove it...it will eventually die anyway....and from what I have read, if you remove damaged leaves, the plant doesn't put it's energy into repairing damage, it puts its energy into new growth....makes sense to me...