event Kato's 2008 contest

Congrats everyone. Thanks Kato for the opportunity.
Hope I didn't hurt any judges (it happened in another comp. lol)

It's been a steep learning curve for me with my first U.S comp and all. I'll be back next year if you are. There could be a Bents Oz BBQ Sauce on the way so lookout!

Get it on Aussie, I look forward to talking some trash again and pitting my best against some made from one of those "foreign types"!
Hey Mick,

Any news on the shipping of trophies? Just getting real nice up here in Charlotte and I'm wanting to get some new hardware to set in front of the cart to draw in some new customers. Also have the ACC tourny in town in two weeks and the visual would definitly help out.

Sorry for the delay in responding. You should have received yours by now and have probably noticed unless you were a 1st place finish no trophy just ribbons we had to do this year because we dropped the Azalea Fest. Next year should be back to normal wasn't sure on the amount of entries. Congratulations!

No luck Mick. Did you use tracking numbers?

Funny story, wrote this post, walked to the mailbox and recieved the package. Tee Hee!

Thanks again Mick and Rita for all you do to put on this event. I plan on taking back 1st place next year!!