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condiment Ketchup taste testers needed- limited supply


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EDIT- DONE! :woohoo: all 6 boxes have been claimed.

I am working on a Spicy Ketchup recipe and would appreciate some feedback.

A made from scratch ketchup recipe, not just taking Heinz and adding some peppers to it. I need feedback regarding consistency, heat, color, flavor, and whatever else anyone wants to share, either privately via DM or in this post.

I have 6 sets of ketchup recipes.

Batch #4- tomatoes, spices, jalapeno,brown sugar, Worchestershitshire (allergy alert FISH), apple cider vinegar

Batch #5- tomatoes, spices, more jalapeno, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar

Batch #6- zero calorie- tomatoes, bit more jalapeno, spices, apple cider vinegar, sucralose

Batch #4 will not be considered for production as it contains Worcestershire sauce and I do not want that in the ingredients list. It is included kind of as an extra, just because I have some. All recipe spices include onion and garlic, which can be an allergy alert for some. Batch #4 and 5 have a heat around 2-3/10. batch #6 is maybe a 4/10 for mild chileheads. For hardcore chileheads, it's probably 3/10

Let me know here if you want to help by posting---
DIBS- BOX # 1 (2, 3, 4, ETC)

and then DM me your mailing address. I will do ONE international box. (EDIT- international box has been claimed) Please post that in your DIBS post. boxes will be mailed USPS on Tuesday....I have to hit the PO for more boxes on Monday~~~

Picture coming in a minute...
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These are 12 oz bottles, all I had on hand. Final product will be in 8.5oz quadra bottles.

Chipotle ketchup.....might be the next sauce..... First things first, after comments, I'll finalize the recipe and get the PA report.

you can DIBS if you want....

I hope it doesn't skew the comments, but I think it tastes pretty dang close to the BigBoys, while being fresher and spicier...

Also, the BigBoys call it Ketchup. So We are going with that~
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I'll let others do it. And you know you can buy fish-free worcestershire. In fact a lot of brands of BBQ sauce have moved to it. Another weird coincidence, I also bought and returned a BBQ sauce today because it had Splenda in it (sucralose). So that's not the one I would like lol. PS. I think you mean zero sugar, not calorie.
It seems to be intermixed for verbiage. Splenda has other filler in it that make it the same swap out for sugar for baking and such. 1 cup sugar can be substituted 1 cup Splenda.

Sucralose is derived from sugar, is xxx times sweeter than sugar, and I got the pure raw ingredient. It has zero calories. The product can claim zero sugar and zero calorie. Some products use Stevia, which I think has an off taste, some use aspartame, which definitely does have a flavor. I do not get any 'off' taste with the sucralose, but others might. Hence the taste testing.
Box #1 going to Undekka, in Canada. International box claimed.

Undekka, you will get all 3 batches, so you can do taste testing and comparisons.

Thanks for your interest!
Good point. The only other ingredient that could have calories is the tomatoes, which do have natural sugars. I am planning on having the PA do a NIP on this product. We'll see!
HellfireFarm has box #2! please DM your addy. I'll let you know when the chipotle ketchup has been created~~~ :)
Marturo, thanks for your interest! Box #3.
I think it tastes pretty dang close to the BigBoys, while being fresher and spicier...
Did you figure out that the cooking temp and time is part of the success? It can easily be overcooked since you want it thick, but if you cook it too long you get that pasty caramelized flavor like that stuff that ages on the rim, lol. And if you don't cook it long enough it tastes too fresh and tomato-y like it's for pasta. I'm sure you went though this. I've also got my spices dialed in to be ketchup-y. I'll share that I use allspice and a dash of clove as well.
The cook time seems about right. Spices with allspice and clove. I am looking forward to comments if it tastes too fresh.
Sounds interesting! Can't wait to hear what they say. I use my Instant Pot to pressure cook it first and then I switch to slow cook. Funny how I just made some now. Popped it in the freezer to cool for dinner but made a quart.
I love how chileheads and foodies make their own condiments, hot sauces, asian dipping, peanut sauce, .....did i mention hot sauce, mole, and a shite-ton of other sauces?