labels Label Design Critique

I just finished a batch of my hobby sauce and am giving them away as gifts to family and friends. I am planning on getting some cheap labels made for the bottles and just wanted to get feedback on what I have come up with thus far before I go ahead and get these labels made.

but I'm also on a smartphone right now.

Well, your "Smart Phone" is dumb! Ha!

Actually looks great for a start, but LDHS is right, those vibrant colors with the backlight of a computer screen on a flat surface looks awesome. When they get put on paper, and in different light, will look different. The layout looks good, espescially for a hobby/gift sauce!

Print those bad boys!
Thanks guys for the quick replies. the font color is a little bright, but am thinking once laid down on a label will look good. If not I will have to adjust the color slightly.


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Check your spelling-
cilantro (unless culantro is an ingredient I'm not familiar with???)

Looks good for a hobby sauce label. If it were to be used for an actual sauce for sale, there would be several other things needed, but for friends and family, it looks good.

Sounds HOT also! :mouthonfire: Have Fun!


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Learn something new every day! Thanks. :)

The Hot Pepper

Hurts the eyes. "Stoke" feature is not really doing it. Pepper is lost in the red. 8 is so large looks like the name of the sauce.

Try a muted red. Reduce that stroke or remove it. Use a more legible font for the ingredients.
looks nice! spelling is a problem which has allready been stated. but you didnt say you nothing about habanero spellimg. my only input would be its that style that can make people have seizures.
Thanks for the input. all the spelling is now corrected. I didnt mention habanero because it was a legitimate error where as the p in "scorpion" must have just been me missing the key when I was typing it out.

The big and bold "8" was just an idea I had which I would make 10 different heat level sauces (1-10), but maybe its not as great as I thought.
I like the sunburst effect for sure. I also like the font choice. The pepper came out awesome but the 8 is a little large. Half the size would work better for a heat scale. Personally I like the brightness of the colors. If you are going to sell it there is other info that you will have to add but you have room. Did you design it?


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DETurbine, post the New & Improved version~~~ :)
troutbum, Thanks and yes I did create it.

I ended up changing a few things on this after everyones suggestions. First I shrunk the 8 down so it wouldn't look too overpowering and also changed the background color to something that didn't blend in and overpower the moruga pepper design I had.