pics Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

alkhall said:
It does look gnarly though...
Yes it does! And it kinda looks it has a face.....

Canyou  see the facial bubble?
So, Peach Moruga Scorpion? WOW! Those are beautimous!!!!

"Peach moruga.
Delicious, but saving seeds from a true pheno pod. There are some perfect moruga shapes to come - this one is more of a reaper phenotype, which I also like :):) :):)"

JPGS might do well for you there. Mine cranked out pods all season. I still got a nice load out on the plants too. Best producing super of all i tried this year but not totally thrilled with the flavor. I do have isolated JPGS seeds. Got some ready and just picked a couple more pods just for seeds. Mine are hotter than ghost but not as hot as them Reappas or Scorpions. I would guess 90% or more had tails/stingers.