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Lettuce Talk Greens

Iceberg or romaine are my go to for salads. Nothing beats shredded lettuce with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on an Italian hero. I am not a fan of leaf lettuce of any kind on a sammie. Field greens...ehhh they should stay in the field...they are not for me. Spinache, kale, escarole, broccoli rabe etc....any of those sautéed with olive oil and garlic....sorry I am Italian I cannot help it. I prefer bok choy in stir fry as they stay nice and crisp.
The Hot Pepper said:
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I grow a lot of collards, kale & mustard greens.
Grow a good amount of lettuce too. I have grown to prefer Romaine types because they hold up better growing and I like the extra crunch they have over my old favorite loose leaf types. Parris Island is my favorite variety & I grew a lot of it this past fall.
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Wanna go campin' THP?
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Let's go. I'm all packed. PA is a short trip.

As far as lettuce goes, I like most of them but can only take small quantities of arugula. Iceberg for wedge or tacos. Romaine for Cesar and general all purpose use. Bibb lettuce for lettuce wraps <-- good stuff there. Spinach for when I need more iron. :D
we've been subbing baby spinach for most our leafy green, my wife tried some kale and thought it was too bitter.
love me some cheap and easy spinach artichoke dip.
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Yoder's?? LOL!! :high: Pie.........
Those Amish do make some great pies.
I am making a baby spinach salad tonight. I guess I'll post a pic here.
Had to Google aragula, it's what we call rucola. If that is bitter it means it got to much sun. Grow it in the spring or in the summer in the shadow. It will not be bitter but instead it will have a walnut like taste.
There is a salad thread already started in food and beverage. Not that we can't have two.

In the other thread Scovie talks about his love for mescaline... lol.
That's cool, that was about salads this is about greens. I even mentioned Thai basil is Thai food. That's not a salad.
I see you bumped the year old one though.
I grow mâché,spinach, and a few different varieties of kale,collards, choi in my garden. What we don't eat the chickens do. Also grow a variety of different sprouts on my kitchen counter. Love me some sprouts, and super easy to grow. turnip greens and beet greens splashed with a little cider vinegar is awesome. One of my favorite salads is a warm German potato salad that my grandmother makes using romaine hearts. Green is good
I admit I do like lettuce. As long as it has dressing, and bacon. I'd say Red Leaf and Bibb are my favorites. Although flavorless Iceberg as a wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon is good too.