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Make your best taco.

And it doesn't have to be mexican.
I put ever dang 'thang on a flour or corn tortilla.
Thats a taco.
Make a bigger taco.
Thats a burrito.
Its all good.
Ever had a brisket and egg breakfast taco?
How about a sun dried tomato, goat cheese, roasted garlic, pequin, and refried bean taco?
The rules are this.
Keep it flour or corn.
Home made or store bought.
If you post a pita taco I will like you but then unlike you.
And then probably still like you again if it looks really good.
Get crazy.
Lime cilantro chicken thighs with pequin powder.
I love pequins.
Flat topped.
Like a naval aircraft carrier.

And even more lime and cilantro.
In pintos and rice.

Roll it all up with some cheese and rock it!
The pics do no justice.

Those damn paper plates.
Give it to me!


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@Ashen you’re fired!

Buffalo Bill is the new squad leader!

:rofl: :cheers:
This thread makes me feel like an amateur. Last night, I used some left over top round steak and cooked up some onions and peppers in adobo seasoning with some added garlic and cumin. Heated up the steak with a little Tamari seasoning. Made tacos with melted cheese and garnished with fresh lime juice, which is what makes them kick.

I like the “dry” seasoning over boiled ground beef that generally passes for tacos. Even added some of that (disappointing) scotch bonnet sauce and it went well.