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Mate's Selection

One of my post got me thinking of all the years my wife has added to my gardens. It started as something simple as a chocolate mint plant. No problem I thought and made it the front center piece with a dumb fairly globe statue. To my amazement not only survived but now after half a decade is heading for an open field. She got Alpine strawberries (I hate eating strawberries) and now I love watching them in the winter green with snow on them-their little pea size berries bright red. And then theres the wildflower plots. Blue spiderworth that we rescued from a frizbe golf course, a wild lilly that we found by a railroad track riding our bikes, and a common yellow flowered milkweed that looks like a big dandelion when the seeds sail in the wind. Not all her whims works out. She picked out Black Tula tomato. Things got eight foot tall blocked out the sun to the jalapenos and out of six plants produced four tomatoes (hot summer). This year it's cauliflower something I've never raised. Never liked the stuff but if its any thing like white icicle radish I'll just munch on the leaves.

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Ditch Lillies in front of her statue behind it her mint heading for the field :)

Glad to see that you're back in the game!

My wife always tells me "if I don't like to eat it I don't grow it".

Thank god she loves hot peppers!!
I put my foot down with my wife too. I told her she could decorate the house and I could do what I want with the garage and back yard. Cable TV, Stereo, Gym, & Tools in garage. And out of my 15X15 ft backyard..... Mostly pepper plants :dance:
LOL - You guys agreed to share your lives with your wives - remember? "Your life" includes your garden!