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So I have been noticing all the memes around here. I am bored so I decided to make this thread... Just post your favorite memes below, hey you may even find some that you would like to use when talking about that one pepper guy you all love, think his company name starts with a 'B'... Anyways, I'll start...

Wow what a folder!

Able eye, I'm trying to do something fun here. I would appreciate it if you didn't feel the need to throw in your useless picking. I don't care if you like me or not, I am not here to make friends I am here to learn and have fun and if you can't respect that don't bother to comment.

Not an argument starter, just a meme thread...

Put this back on track...

ThePepperTrent said:
Able eye, I'm trying to do something fun here. If you want to start something go to hot button where I won't care to look. Thanks.
Sorry if you dont like my fun. If you care to post with a typewriter where I wont look be my guest. Thanks.
Let's do memes where people spend a lot of time on avatars and then leave a period out.
I'm so happy this went downhill. It would be slightly awkward dropping this here other wise.

Not that it would have stopped me. I do have a more goatse version I save for special purposes/people.