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I think it took a total of three days from the day I placed an order 'til I found it in my mail. Super fast!

- Really great prices. Most were $2.25 / pack.
- Lots of selection, and well-organized.

The seeds
- The seeds are in great shape, and he threw in several nice freebies
- Included a hand-written note on the invoice. Nice personal touch!

If these seeds germinate well and grow true, I will be very impressed.

Pictures are also available here:



Thanks, sudostahp!

Hey! Thanks again. What can you tell me about the Scorpion Morouga Blend? I've got a few Scorpions this year, and I'm trying to decide whether to plant this one or hold onto it for later. Is it from a mix of Scorpions, or a Scorpion hybrid? Unfortunately there isn't a lot of information about the "blend" part on the website. It's one of the more expensive seeds on your list, and I imagine other potential customers would be interested in knowing more.

Also, thanks for the Green Scorpions. Looks like fun!
The Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend is the pepper that NMSU tested at over 2 million SHU. Many have changed the name to "Trinidad scorpion Morouga" or just "Morouga scorpion," but I like to call chiles by the name they had when I got them. I don't know what is in the lineage, or whether it is actually a blend of anything. I just know it is hotter than all hell and looks cool. I think cmpman1974 who is a member here was one of the first to grow them. You might try running a search on here for them, but I think they are a definite yes for your grow list. And you are welcome for the green scorpions. Those also came from cmpman1974.
I ordered some seeds Friday, and received them Tuesday [Monday was MLK Jr day]. Extremely fast shipping! Seeds look great, and they also included a bonus! Many thanks to Midwest Chiliheads! I will most definitely do business with them again. I am really glad I stumbled across this forum last summer. It is great dealing with honest seed providers, sauce and powder makers, etc. Takes the guess work out of a lot of it. This vendor section is wonderful. As I said in a previous post, I just wandered into this section looking for someone to buy seeds from, and saw MWCH in one of the first few threads. They were highly recommended, and now I see why.

Much appreciated.
Well LDHS, I have been sticker bombing all of the cars at work. [kidding of course, though I have had some people that were fortunate enough to try your sauce, before I gulped it all down, ask me for some LDHS stickers] ;) That is a nice touch as well.
I have gotten personal notes or advice fr0m several of the GREAT vendors, including my first scotch bonnet seeds from Midwest almost 2 years ago, from Old Barn Nursery as well as from Pepperlover. They are many good vendors here, and I appreciate their honesty and concern when delivering seeds.
Just wanted to give my two thumbs up to this vendor - quick polite response, fast shipping, and having only ordered 2 seeds packs I didn't expect any freebies, but was very pleasantly surprised to find 2 gift packs in my order, a reaper and bahamian goat - not the sort of low-demand stuff I'm used to getting as extras.
Highly recommended.
I just got my order from MWCH today. I'm impressed with how fast it was shipped, the handwritten note and the great free seeds.
Now I've just got to find a place to sow all these new seeds. Thanks for the great deal and congratulations again on your 4th anniversary. :P
This is the first time I felt how this was possible. I ordered a Carolina reaper and got red Savina and fatalii jigsaw free. The more impressing factor was the shipment , it came in a bubble envelope within a week and as I'm from India , normal shippings take 2 weeks . its awesome as I ordered on their 4 th anniversary .lastly MWCH is an epic vendor and gives you almost 200% product satisfaction . highly recommended vendor.