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I think it took a total of three days from the day I placed an order 'til I found it in my mail. Super fast!

- Really great prices. Most were $2.25 / pack.
- Lots of selection, and well-organized.

The seeds
- The seeds are in great shape, and he threw in several nice freebies
- Included a hand-written note on the invoice. Nice personal touch!

If these seeds germinate well and grow true, I will be very impressed.

Pictures are also available here:



Made an order on 11/29 for small business Saturday and it showed up three days later on 12/2.  Good pricing, everything packed well, order complete and quick shipping!  Best part?  A handwritten thank you note and a pack of free seeds!  Solid addition to THP and I'm excited for next year's grow.  :)
I ordered a bunch of really cool seeds from John and wads I impressed!  Seeds clean, very neatly packed.  That alone is a big plus for me.  And a hand-written note - I appreciate the personal touch - reminds me of Beth Boyd (Peppermania)!
Not only were the seeds incredibly reasonably priced, John threw in some freebies too.  I ordered a few ornamentals (based on advice I got here on THP) and lo and behold - John threw in three more ornamentals, Numex Big Jim (been wanting to grow this one as a replacement for Corno di Torro) and Orange Manzano - woohooo!  I've been wanting to try pubescens just to see how they will handle my climate.  Now I have pack of free seed to try out!  Bonus!  Like a wishlist come true.
I'm already planning my next order from Midwest!
Thanks John:  great service, excellent value, great product!  You have a loyal customer.
I want to say thank you to John for the quick service & the Moa Yellow SB seeds that you put in as a freebie when I ordered Red Moa SB seeds form you.
I also want to thank you for the information that you gave on 7 Pot Yellow X Douglah  :onfire: 
I just went on your site & made my second order form you I picked up the 7 Pot Yellow X Douglah  :onfire: & the black prince ornamental. ;) 
I received my small order yesterday and the seeds arrived very well packaged with a free packet of Scotch Bonnets. Nice selection of varieties on the site with something for everyone. I bought the Red Savina as it makes my favorite sauce. Not too hot and I can give it away to people that dont like the supers. Thanks John for the free pkt I wasnt expecting that on a single purchase. I hope you do well this year and I'll be back again.
crockdoc said:
Any word on their germ rates and varieties growing true?
Every variety that I've ordered from MWCH has grown true.  Germination rates in the 80-90% range, even with my occasionally callous hand over or under watering.   Two orders over the past 2 years, super fast shipping, great prices and excellent quality.  Highly recommended.
Got my order in the mail today from midwest chiliheads.  Got what I ordered, and he threw in a bonus seed packet of Fatalii Grourmet Jigsaw. I read its a beast when it comes to heat. Looking forward to growing it this year. 
GhostPepperz said:
Got what I ordered, and he threw in a bonus seed packet of Fatalii Grourmet Jigsaw.  
One of the hottest peppers I've grown to date.  I'll never eat another one whole, fresh off the plant, ever again.  :)