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I think it took a total of three days from the day I placed an order 'til I found it in my mail. Super fast!

- Really great prices. Most were $2.25 / pack.
- Lots of selection, and well-organized.

The seeds
- The seeds are in great shape, and he threw in several nice freebies
- Included a hand-written note on the invoice. Nice personal touch!

If these seeds germinate well and grow true, I will be very impressed.

Pictures are also available here:



Very happy with my order from this company. Germination was excellent and to find such a rare beauty as Capsicum frutescens 'Cabai Burung Ungu' which allowed me to make interspecific crosses with C. chinense dominant hybrids as well as C. annuum 'Variegata' x C. baccatum 'Sugar Rush Peach' mad this one well worth getting.
The flower alone would make me want this one folks. Fruit is very juicy and I'm suspecting my f1 interspecific hybrids from this one will be off the chain. Many thanks to this company for supplying some quality genetics.
This small fruit you see here is what often happens when you make an interspecific cross with this particular specimen.
Capsicum frutescens 'Cabai Burung Ungu' x C. 'Ghost'.jpeg
MWCH even made it to Mexico :D There are many interesting varieties available on his www... I wanted to try some of the New Mexico heirlooms here in tropical Chiapas, and also Dragon's Breath - whatever the hoax/stir-up/legend might be.
I placed an order on 22 April and the date stamp on the envelope says it was mailed on 24 April - very reasonable in my opinion. Another date stamp informs that the order arrived locally on 26 May and yesterday (22 June) the mailman delivered it. I don't know astrology well enough to understand why it took so long, but MWCH did his part well. The seeds were adequately protected.
I had ordered six varieties and received eight (especially that Madballz freebie is highly appreciated!). Packages state "20 seeds", but seed count is substantially higher: 50 for Tesuque, 43 for Chimayo, 34 for Rattlesnake. MWCH was also very responsive when I had some issues with online ordering.
I will be sowing some new plants one of the following days. If I'll be as positive about the germination as the rest, then I'll certainly order again in the future.
Just got my order today and the seeds look great. Ordered 4 packs on Monday with a discount code he was offering on the site. They arrived today (4 days is fast!) and he sent an extra pair of varieties that are similar to what I'd ordered, (which is a very good thing). Also, it's really nice to get 20 seeds (or more!) to a pack instead of the standard 10.

I was really pleased to find Bico Roxa -- I was despairing of finding that in stock with a reliable US source. Also picked up some MOA Bonnets, Peruvian White Habaneros, and Matt's Variegated Jalapeños.

Keeping MWCH on my list for future seed-hunting.
Folks, Midwest Chileheads is shut down. Thanks for all your support over the last 13 years. John

Yet another chain removed and another step closer to true freedom. Thanks for all you've done for the Chileheads over the years, John. You've certainly made a positive impact. MWCH will be missed by many, me included.