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travel Much needed change

Ahh, crap.. forgot to say Muffalettas. How could I forget to say Muffalettas. :doh: I know a place that dropships the bread.
We are pescatarian so we will definitely miss shrimp po boys and southern fried fish but these are all things we can make ourselves. And yes there are many places you can get New Orleans famous breads not only muffaletta but po' boy as well 🤘🏻
Big day today. Sold the goats! Which means we can now take down all the fencing and mow the yard nice and clean. Have a possible buyer for our 2010 cube in which we are selling as part of this move. Really the goats was the big thing cuz cleaning up the yard is the first step towards listing the house. I know it's not necessary but we're going to create a sense of curb appeal along with how awesome the inside of our house is anyway it shouldn't take long to sell and we can get things moving.
@peppersproutfarm Change can be difficult, but it can also be exciting! Since I have family roots in Louisiana, I hate to see you leave, but your plans for the future sound awesome. I wish you and your family safe travels and extreme happiness going forward. Be sure to keep us in the loop!
Well we've had quite the productive week. Started selling off our cactus collection and our potted plant collection. Lots of donation runs and friends have come to pick up furniture we were needing to get rid of. The yard has been completely cleared and leveled and mowed. Only major thing we have left to do to the house before we list it is to replace a few Hardy plank siding. Hoping we can get the realtor to come take her pictures on Tuesday and it will be on the market by Wednesday.
Been a roller coaster since my last post. Buyer backed out. Had another buyer lined up they also backed out. On this last inspection we found out that not only do we have a mold issue we may possibly have to replace some subfloor in the master bedroom. We believe this is problems associated with last year's hurricane. Currently talking to several companies to get some estimates so that we can get this problem fixed and get the house listed again.
Have a company lined up to do the mold remediation. Not cheap but we went with the most knowledgeable of the quotes. So far they don't think any wood will need replacing. Only dry out and mold cleanup for surface mold. House was put back on the market last weekend and we are negotiating an offer today. So, fingers crossed we may have another buyer.
Well it's been a pretty screwed up week for the sale of the house. The company we were having doing the mold remediation decided to pull out of the Baton Rouge area and send all of their crews down to Florida because of the hurricane so we're now waiting on an estimate from the only company we could find in town that did not send all of their crews to Florida (ServePro) should get that estimate from them sometime Monday. We do have another buyer lined up and the home inspection is tomorrow at noon. We had lowered the price to $189.9k. they wanted 7,000 at closing which I told them was too high so they asked us if we would bring $7,000 to close if they raise the price to $192k. That offer was accepted so fingers crossed everything goes well on the inspection tomorrow. Yard has been cleaned up including the garden and I spent all morning repairing some Hardy plank siding. This will be the third inspection we've gotten to. The last two the buyers backed out because of the potential mold which ended up being fungal growth and not a problem according to the mold test. Selling a house can be pretty stressful sometimes.
Hopefully Servpro takes care of you. I see their trucks all the time in my neighborhood not sure what for but they are always working on something and they look like "pros" that live up to their namesake.
Hopefully Servpro takes care of you. I see their trucks all the time in my neighborhood not sure what for but they are always working on something and they look like "pros" that live up to their namesake.
That's all I really need is somebody with a good namesake to do some light cleanup under there and give me an invoice all will be well. Hard to find a company that will do that when there is a hurricane devastating an area close enough for us to get to apparently
Well it seems like everyday is getting a little bit better. Servpro is currently under the house doing their work. Environmental services from the parish have come by and inspected the septic system passed it so we're through that process. Still got to fix a few things over the weekend but hopefully they can get that appraisal scheduled next week.