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The lender worked things out with the buyers line of credit because this is a USDA loan we have to wait for the appraisal and then we are at the mercy of the federal government to respond. The lender is saying we will have to push back closing from November 2nd to November 16th. 2 weeks. Fingers crossed that the appraisal goes well.
With the rates as crazy as they are that's great, they are probably locked in to a better rate and hopefully this can close asap for you!
Yeah if something goes wrong on the appraisal then they may have to redo their loan. I'm certain they definitely would not get the same loan simply because they would have to switch from USDA to FHA. That jump alone effects a lot of things like mortgage interest which can drive up your monthly payment.
Pod arrived!!!
Well as you know the pod arrived on Friday. Had some considerable rain on Saturday and had plans to start loading it up yesterday which was Sunday. Opened up the pod to find...Water! 🤦🏼‍♂️ Fortunately we had them expedite a new one and we will be getting a new pod that does not leak at some point this morning.
Well, after a delay on the closing of the house and us requiring power of attorney so our agent could sign. The house did finally close this morning. We left yesterday around lunch time out of Louisiana and arrived in St. Louis around midnight. 12-hour Trek because we can't really go over 65 mph without too much sway on the trailer. But we are safely in st. Louis and will be here for the next week. More pictures to come.
Had a hell of a week. Made it to Denver last Friday evening. Weather was showing snow ahead of us. So, we left Sunday morning and hit snow, ice and wind in Laramie Wyoming. Bad choice to go north. So backtracked and lost most of a day. Colorado south. Slept in Kit Carlson CO. Continued south to Odessa Texas for another night. Then to 10w till we got to Bowie AZ. Where we stayed at Alaska RV Park. Note this is probably the coolest RV park with full hookups for 20 bucks. Left early and made it to Joshua tree last night. Now there is a winter storm in northern California so we stay last night and we will stay tonight. Heading north through California tomorrow morning.