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My 2014 list and hopefully GLOG

I`m going to try and keep a GLOG this year. In the past I`ve felt that if I did a GLOG I`d get bored with keeping it up, so we`ll see how it goes.
In the mean time, this is my current grow list for 2014. It may change sometime in the next 10 minutes. I decided to go with mostly weird, relatively unknown stuff  :party:
The Supers
7-pot Brown 
7-pot Brown (Red phenotype)
7-pot Savannah 
7-pot Rennie 
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend 
Chocolate Moruga 
Brown Moruga 
Bubblegum 7-pot F4 
Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw 
Douglah x Butch T F5 Brown 
Douglah x Butch T F5 Red 
Yellow Trinidad Scorpion x Butch T Yellow 
Chocolate Bhut x Yellow 7-pot Brown 
UBSC (unidentified brain strain cross)
The C.chinense varieties.
Wild Brazil 
Cumari do para 
Mata Frade
Bode Roxa 
Cheiro Roxa
CGN 21500 
Fidalgo Roxa 
Cabaca Roxa 
Fidalga Amerelia 
Focinho de Porco
Galapagos Large Red Habanero PI 585278 
Limo Blanco-CGN 19193
Lemon Drop Selection-CGN 17036
Lemon Drop-CGN 19211
Chili Blanco-CGN 17224
Small Bell Chilly-CGN 23766
Scarlett Lantern-CGN 23233
Surinam 8-CGN 24331
Pimenta De Neyde
Red Squash-CGN 17021
PI 653748
PI 441637 Red
PI 281417
PI 224444
PI 260491
MoA Scotch Bonnet
Bahamian Goat
Unknown Peruvian Aji (direct from Peru)
CGN 21566   
CGN 22163     
CGN 23257    
Cereja da Amapá       
GRIF 9293    
Macapá Red        
CGN 23255       
CGN 16994 Long   
Uvilla grande PI 281393
PI 159236
Wild Peach
GRIF 9265
Ndungu-CGN 21554
CGN 17020
Malagueta-CGN 23211
Aji Chuncho-CGN 22792
Lombok-CGN 22817
Chunpepe- PI406947 
Macedonian corker
Queen Laurie 
Pimienta Trapadiera Do Werner
Pitanga laranha 
PI 159252   
Aji Ethiopian Fire   
Peruvian orange PI446900            
Guatemalan Small Orange Manzano (Northgate Market)
Smaller Hot Red Rocoto (Direct from Lima, Peru)
Large Red Rocoto (Direct from Cuzco, Peru)
Rocoto CAP 217          
Rocoto PI355812         
Rocoto CAP 867 red      
Rocoto PI585273         
Rocoto Costa Rican Red 
Bolivian Red Rocoto (Direct from Tarija, Bolivia) 
C.baccatum var.baccatum
PI 596059
PI 439528
4 or 5 kinds
Cumari Pollux
PI 446902
CGN20497 (later in the year)
C.cardanesii (direct from Bolivia. Could be eximium)
CAP 1530
CGN 21502
CGN 19196
CGN 24332
C.eximium from UK
ROCOPICA (Ulupica x C.pubescens)
Large Rocopica 
Small Rocopica #1
Small Rocopica #2
Nigel said:
That is a cucumber relative from Bolivia, called Achocha. It does need some nutrients, but I`ll pot it up today or tomorrow in real soil. 
       Thanks Nigel for clearing up that plant.I kept looking for 5 leaves thinking that can't be what I think it is,even if ya do live in California. ;)
Roguejim said:
You're making a great go of it for your first GLOG!  More fun than you anticipated, no?  By the way, how many Bahamian Goats did you plant?
Thanks Jim. It is kinda fun, although I sometimes feel like I`m showing off and I don't like that. 
I only sowed 6 Bahamian Goats, so I have 5 seedlings  :rolleyes:
stickman said:
You're making some great progress and taking some freakin' awesome macro shots Nigel! Good on ya! Have you grown wild varieties before?
Last year was my first year for growing wilds. I need to get some photos of the wilds I have. They are still pretty tiny, but doing Ok, largely. 
Ok, on to the wild species I`m growing this year. I germinated wilds in rockwool, although I`d never used it before. One important thing I found out was that if you separate the individual blocks from a sheet, they are a pain in the ass to keep damp. If you keep the entire sheet intact, it`s a real breeze to keep them with just the right level of dampness.
included in here are numerous C.eximium types, C.cardenasii, C.baccatum baccatum, C.galapagoense, Cumari pollux (C.praetermissum), Cumari verdadeira (C.praetermissum), Rocopica, and C.chacoense. My C.lanceolatum, C.rhomboideum all suffered with helmet heads and did not make it. Time to start more seeds, I guess. My single C.tovarii seed did not germinate. Bummer. 
Tray #1 

Tray #2
And we`re onto potting up seedlings now. I`m about 2/3rds of the way through.
Holy crap this is some amount of work!!!
First set of seedlings potted into 1 quart pots. Happy Frog soil, with around 30% perlite added by volume. 

A few more,

I still have these to do, Sigh!!!


A few photos,
This is a small Red Manzano from Mexico, found in a store in Vegas, seeds from Walt (Vegas_chili)!!! 

Another pubescens. This one is from the village of San Isidro in the Canary Islands and has a very pale, almost white flower,

Urfa biber,

Yellow Tepin starting to branch!
My chiltepin amarillo didnt grow true waiting to see the pod ripen to see if it is at least good im trying to grow a true round tepin i have one more tepin plant im waiting for it to fruit
 I did not grow it Nigel( yellow tepin )  but the guy who sent me the pods showed me pics of the plant and it was for real  :fireball: And I ate a fresh one that tasted just like it's red counterpart. 
Plants are looking Brilliant my friend  :dance: And having a glog is not showing off  :shh:  Just fun to be able  look back at your grow ( in the not so near future ) and shiat  ;)
Nice looking plants, Nigel.  I love the purple varieties in post 106!   Some of the pepper plants are such beautiful foliage plants.  I just brought up my favorite 7 Pot White earlier tonight to show my wife how pretty it is just as a potted plant!
Spicegeist said:
How's this doing?
Unforunately, that was one I only sowed 3 seeds of and they didn`t come up. I haven`t re-sown seeds as I`m inundated with plants! I know that Steven "Standbyandfire" is growing it. It also goes by the accession number PI281353, as you probably know!

Pr0digal_son said:
Top drawer!

The San Isidro Rocoto is a great plant,flowers early and often. I wasn't overly impressed with the taste,but it made the list again this season.

What a stunner that is!!! Great looking plant, John. 
Pr0digal_son said:
Top drawer!

The San Isidro Rocoto is a great plant,flowers early and often. I wasn't overly impressed with the taste,but it made the list again this season.

         I will bet bees luv this guy. ;)