Need Your Vote!


We have been entered as a candidate in the Charleston City paper's "Best of Charleston 2020." To get on the final ballot, we need to get into the top 5 nominated for the specific category. The final vote will come at a later time. We've got only until January 13th, 2020 to get as many nominations as possible. Please write us in and vote!
The link below should take you straight to the ballot, but if not, the ballot should be in the "eating" section under "Best Local Artisanal Food Product" We appreciate your support and please help to quickly spread the word! Thanks in advance THP members!
I tried and couldn't figure it out. Every time I tried to enter Warrant... at the W it jumps to registration and has a vote button. But I never entered your name.
The Hot Pepper said:
I tried and couldn't figure it out. Every time I tried to enter Warrant... at the W it jumps to registration and has a vote button. But I never entered your name.
Same here.
Yea....that's a really weird voting thing....but i think I gotta vote for warrant man in there.

Is there voting every day?

Good luck, Reggie!
Thanks SL! 
It does seem a bit convoluted. I gotta make the ballot first, and then I think if I make the ballot, the next round will be a "drop down" box for actual "vote" for the prize. I've voted for folks before in previous years, but only after they had made the ballot. My first time actually in the mix. It is a very widespread publication locally, and just by making the ballot you get promotion as such I could not afford to buy. To "win" the category is a local accolade beyond measure. If I make the ballot, I'd consider it a "win" regardless if I actually "win" the category or not. But I'd sure like to de-throne the popsicle dude. 
Should I make the ballot, I will beat this drum again for final vote.  I spoke to someone earlier about the registration deal, and you only have to do it once. For the actual final "vote" it won't be so involved. Thanks again to you and all. I appreciate your valuable time and confidence.
Thank you! Win, lose or draw I will post. Just really hoping I don't get shut down in round one. I think the others have a seven day jump on me. Yes the deal is quite confusing. I thought my submission alone was to be put on the ballot and then a "final vote" afterwards. Just discovered today that you gotta "win" top 5 amongst submissions to even make the final ballot. Learn as you go I reckon, but certainly I am the "underdog" as it stands now. Yet I have faith! 
I stand by an old axiom my father taught me as a kid - "you won't catch any fish if your bait ain't in the water."    :cheers:
i think it would have been helpful if you put what you actually want us to vote for in bold in the OP. like, it's asking for a product. is there a specific sauce you're promoting? (i'm not super familiar with your sauces, but i am guessing you may make more than one.)
also would be helpful to give us a charleston area zipcode, since it asks for a zipcode to vote. i put 29403.
finally to describe the site's voting workflow would be helpful: you click your link, start typing something in the box, it takes you to a registration page, you put in your registration info (there is no email confirmation, so it seems safe to put in a fake one), and then you are taken back to the place where you can actually vote.
anyway, i put warrantman pepper co., and i hope that's good enough for them. good luck and hope you win!