I have messaged GIP's wife Nicci a few times now, as you can imagine I'm sure she has a lot going on at the moment. If I don't hear back by tomorrow, I'll get something sorted out. 
I do apologise for the delay for those that want to donate directly, Boss said it's best to keep the momentum going and I completely agree. 
Sorry to hear about GIP. He will be missed. 
On that point... can I ask a layman's question. I must have missed something somewhere along the line. Is there an active link to an official auction page or donation page, or is it just you contact the person whose item you are interested in bidding on and then place a bid?  I didnt really see any bids here so I was thinking I wasn't seeing something I probably missed. or else that the auction hadn't actually started yet and you were still in the collection phase.
keybrdkid said:
Actually I want to change my bid. I didnt realize the Warrant Man stuff was part of his auction. I didnt read the posts first. ha. I thought that was a separate auction. 
In that case I'll raise my bid to $100 usd. 
All of Bhuter's auction items are included in my original post which includes 4 of WarrantMan’s sauces. I will increase the auction time to 10pm to allow more chance for others to bid.
Keybrdkid, thanks for your bid, can you please clarify the amount you want to bid?
keybrdkid said:
My official bid is $100.00 USD.
Thank you for your bid, Kid!!!
Just to Clarify:
WarrantMan offered his bundle first. Then I put the same bundle in my donation, minus the Reaper salt.
After I stepped on WarrantMan’s toes, he is not offering his bundle, but instead he sent me the shipping charges to mail this to the winner.
4 of WarrantMan’s sauces....not 8 + Salt.

Thanks, again!
stettoman said:
Just for the record, if someone feels the urge to up-bid me, it is for Nicci, I have no issues. Should I lose that auction I will donate that $200 regardless.

I know Hogleg had a deadline. If he chooses to extend, I am not aginnit.
Thats very generous Stetto. You are the winning bid
When donations are worked out I'll ship
Thank you bud