event NWCF 2017 Seattle area campout - RESERVATIONS OPEN!!!


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Reservations are open!  Looks like most sites are still open, but if you want a yurt....better get a hurry on!
Sept 8-10
I'm in site 24 again. 
For new folks,
this is an open to all chileheads campout and Saturday potluck.  We get together, eat, drink, cajole someone to eat something really hot that they normally wouldn't touch...you know.. ;) ...shenanigans.  :lol:
And in general, have a fun relaxing weekend with friends.
Come Join us!
FOR THE HOTLUCK 9/9 SEE HERE! No camping required, just bring hot dish
2 campsites and a yurt....booked!
bummer.....I will be out of the country those dates.  I get back Sep. 9th. 
Maybe next year.  I really would love to come camping with you guys because it sounds like so much fun.  ;)
Hope you can make it next year. We seem to have settled on the second weekend in September. Yea, its after school starts but it is worth it to pull the kids out for a day. Weather is usually awesome and the park is beautiful. And the company is the best. After all...pepper people rock!!!!
SWEET!!!!  Looking forward to seeing you Aaron..  Will Pepe be joining? 
Hi ya Ann... Not sure. He's wanting to make it but playing by ear for the moment.... Looking at doing another pig for you all plus a few extras. I'm thinking 30 to 40 lber should do it fine. Let me know what else you need for this and we'll make it happen. Cheers!
Last year we stayed in the campsites for the picnic, a lot simpler than trying to pack everythign over to the shelter.  The pig was delicious last time, but it's a lot of work for you.  Whatever is easy, K.I.S.S. :D 
Sounds great! Ann.
Pele said he's looking forward to it. We'll keep it KISS. Actually came up with something better than a pig. Should be lots to eat! Looking at going roast pork along with a few other goodies. Looking forward to seeing ya all there! Cheers!
Oooo... that does sound good.  Just keep it easy, we're supposed to be relaxing~  I have some bbq sauce I f you want/need it.  Post up a list of things you need like buns for people to help out with. 
OH!  I just thought of something!  How about I do a corned beef hash for Sunday breakfast?  I just made a corned beef from scratch and it turned out freaking awesome!  I hope to do a few more between now and the campout.  Hash with eggs....?  maybe some fruit ... or fruit juice... like tomato juice with vegetables in it...;)   :lol:
Hope everyone is enjoying SPRING!  We had a beautiful day today and sleet/rain 2 days ago. 
Just a quick BUMP for this and to add-
For New People check out the previous threads in this forum sections for pictures and posts from previous years. 
NMorr--  CRUSHER!  Freaking AWESOME!   Cant wait to see you again and hear about what's going on with you!!!! 
:dance:  :dance: 
My goodness your pure evil has really refined and enhanced it's evil these days!!! Is the popcorn contest still a thing?
Naw, lucky for you!!!  No popcorn contest.  :lol:  
Unless you really want one!  Happy to oblige~~~   
We are picnicing at our campsites, not at the big shelter.  But we usually manage to get a victim VOLUNTEER to eat a pod or PE or something, all good shenanigans. 
The Sunday Bloody Mary's ROCK!  PaulG has 'em dialed in.
Well, I do have some 13 mil SHU Pure Evil...... :twisted: .....
Bumping this!  Getting plans together for the corned beef for Sunday breakfast. 
Walt, can I use your cook stove Sunday Morning?  Thinking corned beef hash, eggs, fruit....
I'll do a fresh corned beef ahead of time, hash with potatoes and onions, seasonings
Need someone to bring eggs
and someone to bring some fresh fruit
OrganicPepper, what do you need for Saturday?  I'll make either a pasta salad or potato salad.  Any requests????
What else are y'all bringing?  
I'm in for Bloody Marys Sunday am and will bring some
eggs - how many do you think we'll need?
Have  yurt 19 reserved, but don't know how many will be
coming from here, yet.
Chiliaddict talked in the earlier thread about bringing some
smokers - is that sort of on hold?
Hoorah that Asron is going to be there!
I vote for throwback popcorn contest - I can donate a
bottle of the 9.6 mil pure evil! 
Unfortunately I will have no pods - nothing ripened up,
yet - been a tough grow season  :mope: