event NWCF/Seattle Area Potluck 2016- happened! Sept 9, 10, 11.

Hi all! Long time no post. I will be there, and I grabbed the yurt at space 16. Bringing a friend of mine to introduce. I will bring the campstove and a big propane burner setup. I can do a mess of links in a CI frying pan on it, or? I can go to cash and carry for paper plates and cutlery, just say so and I will make sure we have what we need.
Awesome!  you got a yurt!  If you would do a mess 'o links for Sunday, that would be great!  (hint, if you want to pre-cook or half-bake the links ahead of time, then they just have to reheat in the CI   ;)  more time to chill at the campout.  :)  )
Looking forward to seeing you and meeting your friend.
I'll have Sunday morning Bloody Mary's under control.  The dilly
beans would be great in them!  As for food, I'd be happy to bring
a pound of butter and a dozen eggs  for the breakfast Sunday morning.  
I can bring some powder for the wings, as well if you want me to, if we have wings.
Our group is in site 28 - plan at present is to bring an 18 foot trailer,
There should be three our four of us from my neighborhood. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone...
salsalady said:
35 PINTS!  NICE!  That's...like.. 1/2 a pint a week...
and prolly 30 beans per pint...
and at 1 bean per drink is... 
15 on a sunday...
or 1 per day and 8 on Sunday... or...
2 a day...
edit- never mind....that's beans for 2....so divide all that above by half....   :banghead:   :lol:
     Not sure about that math ^. Maybe it will make more sense after I reMary.  :D
Hybrid Mode 01 said:
     Not sure about that math ^. Maybe it will make more sense after I reMary.  :D
Definitely reMary, It will make more sense.  :lol:  You know I was wine-ing when making those calculations~  :drunk:
PaulG- that sounds great.  Thanks!
Hello all sounds good on all of it. I just got my first message today about the posts and messages my dang phone is pissing me off. Ann did i still get the yurt or did you give it to another. If i did let me know the total and should have a decent amount of others coming with me if i did. Would be setting up the yurt as a safe kid hangout for those with kids. Flat screen and gaming system with games while us adults get roudy around the maybe camp fire? Right now i believe it is gas grills only no fires but hope to see that change by then.
1F1- you got the yurt!  It is close to the other campsites, so the kids can run back and forth.  I haven't been following burning bans, we'll have to see when it gets closer.  Last year, we had a statewide burning ban that lifted just a couple days before the campout. 
I posted an invite to the potluck (set it at 1:00 even thoug we'll prolly eatat 2:00) on FB
OH!  and PaulG!  Yes to that pepper powder!  We're having wings, just haven't heard if people want to do a wing eating challenge, or just eat wings and enjoy them.  :cool:
salsalady said:
Definitely reMary, It will make more sense.  :lol:  You know I was wine-ing when making those calculations~  :drunk:
      :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl: My wife walked in while I was reading this thread just now, so I had a chance to explain re-wining to her. She got a kick out of that. I'm glad she understood. Re-marying might have been more difficult with out that little introduction to THP-speak.
     She also explained your math to me. Now it makes (more) sense. I had been re-oat sodaing the first time I read it.
edit: Also, that chipotle barbecue sauce Scovie sent me is the BEST! :drooling: Thank you for making it awesome! :clap:
That's awesome!   :rofl:  She fits right in here.  We'll leave DIPSY, JayT-ing and such for another day.  :lol:

and thank you for the kind words :cool:
Oh and I forgot ---  JARRED----- 
Not Ja-red as in the name....jarred, all one word,  like a verb, "I jarred up all the cukes and made some pickles.." 
"Jarred" can also be used when one drinks too much alkyhaul out of a mason jar....  "Man, I got too jarred last night!"   But it can only be used when drinking from a proper pint canning jar!!!
Cool thanks Ann for the yurt save. If all who said come my party will be 12-14 with 2/3 of those kids. Jen and Judd from two yrs ago hope to come with their 3 little ones. They missed last yr with the arival of their little girl. Another of my good friends/adopted family and their three kids all for camping. Then their parents and a sibbling may/want to come for potluck. Yes they eat super sauces with or without me. Anyways cant wait to get this started.
Hey, oneFowl1, Just heard from Organic Pepper, sounds like his campsite will be open.  He won't be camping, hopefully just coming out for the day.  He had reservations Thursday-Monday.
I plan on bringing a big box of breakfast links for Sunday breakfast, and paper plates, cutlery, and a few bowls,party cups. I also have a brand new counter top icemaker, still in box, I can bring. Don't know how much or how fast it will make ice, but fresh ice for your drink...
Cool new toys!
Looks like there will be five of us coming from Portland.  
Two will be first-timers.
Please post an update as to what is needed.
We are bringing
Sunday BMs
doz. eggs
lb. of butter
powder for wings
fresh homemade salsa
big bag of tortilla strips
powders for sampling
I am also bringing some powders in shakers, and some
half pint boxes of fresh pods, both for sale.
Let us know what else is needed for Sat. potluck/
Sunday breakfast.
Something for the Potluck (salad/apps/side/something)
2 Noobies!  WOOT!  What should we do for their initiation?  :lol:  Is Pete making his fresh salsa again?  That was yummy.
I'll be prepared for a wing challenge if people want it, otherwise we'll just eat wings!  I have 40 pounds of wings.... :eek:  y'all better bring yer appetites~
Just got back from the FM with tomatillos, jalapeno, anaheim, onion, garlic....making some Whirled Peas hot sauce for the festival and also so I can get Hogleg's order in the mail.  He's only been waiting about 2 weeks for me to get my schtuff together~~~  :lol:
Fortunately these 'newbies' are no strangers to hot stuff!
Gonna be fun.  Pete is making a hotter version this year,but it is scrumptious!
I'm saving pods for him to make fresh on Thursday.
I'm bringing plenty of wing powder.  One hot and one not so hot.
I'll check with the boys and see what we can take for pot luck that would be easy
to fix either there or ahead of time - probably not salad.  Maybe a dish of roasted
Padron peppers?