event NWCF/Seattle Area Potluck 2016- happened! Sept 9, 10, 11.

chiliaddict said he was thinking of doing some chicken in a smoker, 3-4 chicks? dunno what would fit in the smoker, but maybe that would be a way to go.  A couple smokers, some chili, some salads......Ohyea...!!!
PaulG said:
Maybe some smoker action?  If we had 2-3 small ones
we might be able to smoke some stuff.  I could smoke
3 whole chickens or 15-18 lbs. of ribs.
I could bring my 18.5" Smokey Mountan Weber and a pork butt. I have a lot of peach wood to smoke with.  
Looks like you guys had a great time...I'm down here just south of Chehalis
Just might make a plan for next yr....is it camping only, or can one stop in and make a day of it?
Borg 9 Challenge....freakin insane!! great vid, thanks for sharing. will be showing some buds that footage 
Hey Masher!  Love to have you join us and day-trippers are welcome.  There are yurts in the campground if you want to stay but don't have camping gear.  Reservations open up 9 months to the day ahead of time.  I'll post a new thread when it is close (early December).