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contest Off season grow off?

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an indoor grow off over the winter without use of lights, just for fun. Pepper of choice would be Grandpa's Siberian Home aka Siberian Home, Grandpa's Home, Grandpa's Siberian etc etc. It's small and good in pots and doesn't require a lot of light. I'm asking now to make sure everyone can source seeds. I just think it would be fun to compare yields :)
I gave this thread the official contest tag
Thanks boss!

I've come up with three rules to keep it house plant (and budget) friendly:

- No artificial lighting unless you live somewhere where there is 5 or fewer hours of light in the winter - then you may have it under a light at lowest setting for 5 hours.

- Pot size under 5 gal

- no seeds in before September 1st

Winner gets... clout? Bragging rights? Actual stuff? Who knows. Actually, I do. The winner gets more peppers than the rest of us :rofl:


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ohhhhh - that's a tad tardy - perhaps it's too hot for them
It must have been... we just experienced a heat wave and I placed the seeds in a germination pot directly under the roof of our veranda where it can get really hot... :mouthonfire:

Today the weather switched from summer to fall mode. I will give it another try...