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contest Off season grow off?

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an indoor grow off over the winter without use of lights, just for fun. Pepper of choice would be Grandpa's Siberian Home aka Siberian Home, Grandpa's Home, Grandpa's Siberian etc etc. It's small and good in pots and doesn't require a lot of light. I'm asking now to make sure everyone can source seeds. I just think it would be fun to compare yields :)
ohhhhh - that's a tad tardy - perhaps it's too hot for them
It must have been... we just experienced a heat wave and I placed the seeds in a germination pot directly under the roof of our veranda where it can get really hot... :mouthonfire:

Today the weather switched from summer to fall mode. I will give it another try...
Looks like I'm the winner of this contest! :party:
For now...

Off season seems lazy on this forum but next year you will have at least 1 opponent! I would jump in even now but I don't know a name of any of my pepper big enough for it.
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As promised... πŸ™‚
But I do feel a bit left alone here... 😒

Hey @MarcV , maybe this will make you feel less alone.


Motivated by this post, at the beginning of December I decided to germinate five 7 Pot Primo seeds.
I do it without stress or worry. The are outdoors, get about 3 or 4 hours of sun a day and water when I remember.... The last week I gave them a foliar irrigation with FishMix (BioBizz) and that felt great for them.
It seems to be looking good for now.